Knockdown Rebuild Melbourne

Outgrown your old home?
Consider a knockdown rebuild.

Choose from over 100 floorplans

Looking for a designer kitchen, oversized walk-in robe, or 5-bedroom home design? With Carlisle’s meticulously designed floorplans, you can build your dream home with beautiful living spaces for your family and friends.

Select your facade

Our facade design range includes premium features like timber detailing, glass balustrading and much more, at an affordable price. From contemporary style to resort feel, we have the perfect facade for your home.

Customise with Spectra

At our award-winning Spectra Selection Centre, you’ll be able to see and touch a wide range of quality products; with design consultants on hand to guide you through selecting the finishes for your home.

We build your dream home

Our build time guarantee gives you ultimate peace of mind – so you’ll know the date that you’ll be moving into your dream home.

Avoid the hassle of moving or expensive and risky renovations. When you knock down and rebuild, you demolish your old house and replace it with a new, contemporary and energy-efficient home.

Our team of experts will support you through the process of knocking down and rebuilding, so you know what is happening every step of the way. We know exactly what needs to be done, so all you have to do is think about what type of home you would love to live in.

For more information or to make an appointment for an obligation-free property assessment, download our KDR Information Pack or call 13 27 67 to speak with our dedicated KDR team.

Knockdown Rebuild Case Studies

At Carlisle Homes we are dedicated to helping our customers build the home they’ve always imagined. Our focus is on creating a better life for our customers.

Knocking down an existing home and rebuilding offers the best of both worlds – living in your preferred location and building your forever home exactly as you want it. Don’t be limited by renovation restrictions or by buying an established home that doesn’t tick all your boxes.

Follow the journey of some recent KDR customers as they speak openly about their build experience, their house and why they chose Carlisle to knockdown and rebuild their dream home.

Why knockdown rebuild?

When your house is past its use-by date, or doesn't suit your lifestyle anymore, you have three options: either sell and move, renovate, or knockdown and rebuild a new home

Download KDR Information Pack

CH23 0023 WEB Component Refresh KnockDown Rebuild 4 Why knockdown rebuild

Choose from a wide selection of new home designs within the Affinity Collection and T-Range suitable for your knockdown rebuild project.

Lower cost. It’s generally cheaper (per square metre) to build a new home than to extend or renovate your old home. Melbourne and Geelong are experiencing shortages of residential land in inner-city suburbs. Knocking down and rebuilding is a growing trend that is saving families money. With a knockdown rebuild project you get a fresh, modern, energy-efficient home for less than the cost of a renovation project.

Lower risk. A knockdown rebuild is less risky than renovating. Renovations are known for running over time and over budget. The biggest problem is that you never know what you’re going to uncover when you pull up the floorboards! This ‘unknown’ factor means that your renovation is more likely to take longer and run into unforeseen construction challenges resulting in ‘hidden’ costs that exceed budget.

Limited disruption to your lifestyle. Choosing to knockdown and rebuild means that there is minimal disruption to your family and their routine. No need to move schools or re-establish in a new neighbourhood. You stay in the location you’ve grown to love close to your family, friends and amenities.

A high-quality result. A renovation often means working around existing structures and having to make compromises. New homes are designed with today’s family lifestyle in mind: including features such as zoned family living areas and alfresco dining areas - all showcasing the most contemporary trends in design and construction.

Choose from a wide selection of new home designs within the Affinity Collection and T-Range and be inspired by hundreds of colours, finishes and fixtures from our award-winning Spectra Showroom.

Energy efficient. All Carlisle Homes meet the Victorian Government 6 star energy rating requirements. If sustainability is important to you and you want to save money on your energy and water bills, then we can work with you to achieve an even higher energy efficiency rating or simply make your home more efficient.

Why choose Carlisle Homes?

It’s our exceptionally high quality of construction, full transparency, value for money, and more standard inclusions than any other home builder in Victoria that sets us apart from our competitors.

“ We identified very early on that Carlisle had the best value for money. This took into account the standard inclusions, promos, façades and building costs… At the tender appointment, all costs were explained to us and the final pricing was quite reasonable considering it being a knockdown-rebuild and the amount of extras we added. Highly recommended for knockdown re-build projects! ”

Cassandra and Christopher
more testimonials

"Having spent most of my life in the residential building industry, I know that building a new home can be just as exciting as it is daunting. That’s why from the very beginning, our focus at Carlisle Homes has been on exceeding our customers’ expectations, every step of the way. It’s our unwavering commitment and dedication to personal service that allows us to build homes of exceptional quality for each and every customer."

our director, John Doulgeridis

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Choose Carlisle for your knock down and rebuild project knowing we will support and guide you through the process

A dedicated knockdown rebuild team

With Carlisle Homes you’ll happily discover that the process of knocking down and rebuilding is much easier and more seamless than you’d expect. From the start one of our Carlisle team members will be assigned to provide you with personalised customer service and clear, regular communication. Team members provide you with support at every point in the process – from the moment you enter our display home, right up until the end of your warranty period – and beyond.

Build-time guarantee

We guarantee the completion date of your new home regardless of any changes made. The date we tell you your new home will be ready is the date you can move in. No delays, no excuses.

25-year structural guarantee

We believe in building our award-winning homes from high quality materials that will last the distance. To ensure additional peace of mind all of our homes come with a solid 25-year structural guarantee.

More premium standard inclusions

We believe that there are some things that should just be included in the base price of a home. What our competitors call “extras” we call standard inclusions. Not only do our homes come with more inclusions but we only use trusted, quality products and brands so you can get quality that will last the test of time.

Guranteed quality

Carlisle Homes is all about building homes of quality, not quantity. We limit the number of homes we build and we have the lowest home-to-site-manager ratio in the industry. This means that we are able to provide a higher level of professionalism, construction quality, and attention-to-detail than any other home builder.

Six star energy rating

All Carlisle homes are built with a 6 star energy rating, on any orientation. This means your new home is designed and built from the ground up to be more energy efficient - saving you money on energy consumption for the life of your home.

The knockdown rebuild process

We understand that KDR projects are quite different to a standard new home build on a vacant block. When you decide to knockdown and rebuild with Carlisle Homes, you can trust that our dedicated KDR team will be with you every step of the way, right from the start.

Our comprehensive KDR Information Pack details everything you need to know about building a new home after demolishing an existing one.  Our aim is to remove any ambiguities, leaving you to enjoy the process and the experience of building your dream home – a reflection of everything you’ve worked for.

Download KDR Information Pack

1. New home selection
Your first meeting is with one of our experienced Sales Consultants at your home to complete a preliminary site inspection and talk about the project. You can view the large selection of designs from our Affinity and T-Range collections to choose your new home. Once you make the decision to proceed we will organise a full site inspection to determine if your site is suitable for building a new home. Together with your Sales Consultant you will finalise the site details, options and discuss all other requirements.

2. Colour selection.
This is one of the most exciting steps, where you will get to choose the styling of your home, both inside and out. Your Client Liaison Executive will contact you to book a colour selection and tender meeting.

3. Tender.
This is the stage where we prepare your tender to build, based on your sales quote, soil test, site survey and preliminary engineering. You will appoint a demolition contractor at this point. We can advise on a suitable timeframe for actual demolition, and help you with information pertaining to permits, tree removal, accessibility requirements and processes, in conjunction with your demolition contractor. It's important to note that after this appointment no further structural changes will be accepted. Please make sure you have signed off on all documents before you start to demolish your home.

4. Contract.
This is the step where everything comes to life. We prepare the contract and drawings, order the six-star energy assessment and provide you with a HIA plain English contract to review and sign at an appointment with your Client Liaison Executive.

5. Site start preparation.
Now that your contract has been signed off, there are several steps to complete to get your home ready for site start. Including permits, site surveys, soil tests and final construction drawings. Our experienced team will take you through these necessary steps and explain what’s required.

6. Site Start
This is the official start of the construction process. We will send a letter confirming construction has commenced.

7. Base
The first major milestone in the construction of your new home, with the laying of your concrete slab. Your construction supervisor will be on-site for the duration of your build.

8. Frame
Framing carpenters erect the wall frames and the roof trusses.

9. Lock-up
During this stage, the brickwork, roof tiles, external doors and windows are put in place.

10. Fixing
Your new home is really taking shape! During this stage, plaster is installed to the internal walls and ceilings. You will also see the installation of the skirting boards, architraves, internal doors and cabinets in the kitchen, ensuite, bathroom and powder room (if applicable).

11. Completion
You are at the final stage in the completion of your new home. During this stage, you will see the painting and tiling completed. The electrical and plumbing done, stone bench tops (where applicable), door furniture, shower screens and mirrors are installed. Any external render (where applicable) will also be completed. Towards the end of this stage, your Construction Supervisor will arrange for your new home presentation and a settlement date will also be confirmed with you at this appointment.

12. Settlement
Congratulations! Your new home has been completed and is ready for you to move in. On the day of settlement, you will meet your Construction Supervisor who will conduct an on-site handover. Appliances will be installed at an agreed time after settlement has taken place. You will need to meet with your Client Liaison Executive at Carlisle Homes’ head office to take ownership of the keys to your new home.

12. Agreed works
Should there be anything that needs touching up or repairing this is when we organise those works for you.

13. Completion of works
All agreed works are completed and you will receive confirmation in writing.

Knockdown rebuild payment process

All payments are nominated in the HIA Building Contract and are as follows:




Deposit 5% (includes initial deposit and further deposit from Tender appointment. The balance is required to be paid at Contract signing)

Recommended Carlisle home designs

Our Affinity Collection and T-Range floorplans are suitable for a knockdown rebuild in Melbourne and offer a wide variety including atrium home designs, architectural home designs, and modern home designs. They suit almost any block of land and make vertical space a priority – perfect for leaving space in the backyard for a pool or a playground.

Knockdown rebuild FAQs

Frequently asked questions for knockdown rebuild projects.

Please enquire now or call 13 27 67 to speak to one of our dedicated knockdown rebuild consultants. Or you can start by visiting some of our display homes or by browsing our award winning new home designs.

As the owner of your property demolition is your responsibility. However our KDR team will guide you through the process. You may also want to read our demolition tips to ensure a successful demolition of your old home.

You can choose any home design from either the Affinity Collection or T-Range homes. This gives you a choice of over 50 home designs, so you are sure to find a design that appeals. The Carlisle EasyLiving series are not available for demolish and rebuild projects.

The Carlisle knockdown rebuild team will help you estimate total costs for your knockdown rebuild project. Please contact us or call 13 27 67 to speak to one of our consultants for more information.

Possibly the biggest question in your mind is when will I be able to move into my new home? We guarantee your new home completion date regardless of the changes made to it. The date we tell you your new home will be ready is the date you can move in.

Carlisle Homes are built in premier locations across Melbourne’s north, south east, west and also Geelong. To check if Carlisle builds in your area, see where we build.

To start the process we need the following:

• An accurate and full copy of your Contract of Sale of Land including your Land Title document.
• Any ideas you have around which home design you prefer from the Affinity Collection or T-Range.

You can read and download the Carlisle Homes knockdown rebuild process PDF here.

House demolition tips

Demolition tips for your knockdown rebuild project. Ready to demolish and rebuild your house? There are some very important things to consider before you start!

Before you demolish your old house, ensure that you have signed off on all contracts before you start the demolition process.

Find out which demolition contractors service your area, as well as who is currently demolishing in your local area - they often have advertising boards on the temporary security fencing. Like any professional service, ring around, talk to family and neighbours, get a few comparative quotes, and most importantly: call referees and find out how the demolition contractor performed on their project.

Yes, you will need a permit from your local municipality. However, the vast majority of demolition contractors will organise the permit for you, and will probably get it faster due to their experience with the process. Make sure you have both a Demolition Permit and Building Permit before you start your project. Both are obtained from your local council/shire.

Particularly with a knockdown rebuild project, you’ll have to include the cost of your demolition in your overall budget. Unfortunately, there are many variables that can affect the price of your demolition job, including Hazardous Materials removal, location of electrical/waste management infrastructure, proximity of neighbouring structures, land overlay, and your environment (e.g. established trees may need consultation with the local council/arborist).

Contact your demolition contractor and they will be able to organise a full quote for you. We can always help by recommending a reputable demolition contractor to you.

A soil test examines the properties of the soil on your block of land, which in turn enables us to design the proper foundations. A feature survey is a scale drawing of the site showing land features, service connections, easements and setbacks, and any other points of interests. Both the soil test and feature survey are performed before and after demolition to finalise cost of your new home.

Good question. Traffic will only be affected during certain stages of your demolition and construction. Particularly if you are around shops or schools, traffic will need to be managed during major delivery and removal phases. We are happy to assist you with costings for traffic management, and advise whether it is necessary for your knockdown rebuild project.

Your demolition contractor should be insured against any damage to neighbours’ properties, structures and surrounding environment. It is very important to have an understanding of your contractor’s insurance from the very beginning.

Importantly, it is your responsibility to obtain an Asset Protection Permit from your local council before beginning works on your property that could endanger any council assets. These works include the demolition stage for your demolish and rebuild project.

Download our KDR Information Pack

Considering a Knockdown Rebuild in Melbourne? Complete the form below to download a copy of our 60-page comprehensive Information Pack which details everything you need to know about building a new home after demolishing an existing one.

Our aim is to remove any ambiguities, leaving you to enjoy the process and the experience of building your dream home – a reflection of everything you’ve worked for.

Alternatively, please feel free to contact our dedicated KDR Sales team today on 13 27 67.

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