Architecturally-Inspired Home Designs

Choose a luxury architectural-style house design from over 60 display homes

It’s no wonder why our clients in Melbourne choose us to help create their new architectural-inspired homes. From providing you with plenty of options to offering the exclusive opportunity to visit a display home virtually or in person.

It’s no wonder why our clients in Melbourne choose us to help create their new architectural-inspired homes. From providing you with plenty of options to offering the exclusive opportunity to visit a display home virtually or in person. We can help you through the build process step-by-step, and we’re confident that you and your family will be satisfied with the end product you receive.

Our architectural-style house designs are second-to-none yet also account for smaller budgets and affordability. With over 15 years of experience, we’re confident we can help you build your new home befitted to your specific needs and wants. Let us be the builders, designers, and advisors you trust with your architecturally-inspired home design.

Architecturally-Inspired Home Designs Melbourne Locals Rave About

If you’re after architectural-style house designs that include detailed dimensions, leeway for natural light, and landscape design, Carlisle Homes are your go-to in Melbourne. We can’t wait to start working with you and your family on the home of your dreams. Trust in us to do what we do best when it comes to incredible architecturally-inspired home designs in Melbourne.

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Our architectural-style designs for houses are affordable yet don’t sacrifice luxury

At Carlisle Homes, our mission has always been to deliver the highest possible quality in our architecturally-inspired house designs in Australia. Our designers are experienced and, most importantly, they love what they do! Our joy is in creating a house we can present to you that matches your lifestyle needs and truly feels like it’s yours.

Amazing home building experience

We built our house with Carlisle EasyLiving and our overall experience with them as been really great. The best part was that most home designs came with all the inclusions that you would normally require to live in a house, unlike other builders. The house was complete within 3 months, without compromising on the quality of the build. If I happen to build another house, I will not look for any other builder than Carlisle.


Edgewood 23

Positive experience with a reliable builder

Our experience with Carlisle is very positive so far. The moment we stepped into their display home, we knew it was the perfect house design for us, that was also within our budget. We are thankful for the team and support assigned to us - they're very patient in answering all our questions. Overall the team from Carlisle delivers well and we are grateful that this experience has been very good and smooth for us.


Rutherford 33

Wonderful experience with Carlisle

Building our first home seemed a daunting experience at first but Carlisle have been great. Very happy with the overall experience with Carlisle right from the sales experience, colour selection at Spectra, contract signing, build and warranty service. I would not hesitate in recommending Carlisle to family and friends or building with them again.


Provincial 27

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I get the best possible financial advice to support the creation of my new home build?
    • We have looked far and wide for a service that can match the quality of what we provide. And we’re proud to say we’ve found our solution in Loan Studio, whom we’ve partnered with to provide our clients with the financial expertise they need.

      Bringing a custom home to life is one of the most significant financial decisions you may ever make in your lifetime. We’re confident that we’ve found one of the best financial advisors in the country to help you compare hundreds of loan options to find the perfect one that gives you peace of mind.

  • How long does creating a Carlisle Homes luxury house design take?
    • Generally, the average length for a new home build is between 7 and 10 months and consists of three phases: pre-site, construction, and warranty.

      Pre-site is when you finalise your home design, sign contracts, and acquire loan approvals and permits (with Carlisle Homes’ assistance if you choose).

      Then there’s the construction phase which lasts between 16-24 weeks. You can keep up to date with the building process through our online interactive app, Carlisle Connect. This phase ends with your new home’s keys in your hands.

      Finally, the warranty phase begins. As you move into this next stage of home ownership, we put you in charge of the warranty process with the introduction of our new Home Care App.

      Our Home Care app enables you to raise any warranty requests you may have, at a time and place that suits you. Use your computer or your smart device to submit items with photos so we can guide you through the warranty process.

      There’s no need to make an appointment. No pressure to remember all your questions at once. Use the portal at any time you wish, from 14 days after handover of your new home.

  • Will I be able to monitor the building process?
    • Yes! Carlisle Connect is our own online interactive tool that allows you to monitor the process of your house being built while simultaneously accessing things like user guides, warranties and manuals. You can check out your financial milestones as well. It’s a digital space meant to keep you in the loop, so you’re always sure exactly what phase we’re up to.

  • Where does Carlisle Homes build?
    • While we can build architecturally-inspired homes in most suburbs throughout Geelong and Melbourne, our knockdown rebuild service is limited to specific suburbs in Melbourne. We’re dedicated to expanding our services and want to help you how we can.

      Check out our list of service areas and input your postal code to see what we can do for you.

  • How much does it cost to buy one of Carlisle Homes’ architectural-style home designs?
    • On average, our architectural-style homes will range between $229,900 and $560,900. We pride ourselves on making luxury affordable while never skimping on quality. Reach out to us if you have any questions regarding cost. We also provide a fixed cost guarantee, so there are no surprises on the final price tag of your home build.

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