Already have land?

If you already own a block of land, we can build your new home on your land. Our experts can show you a range of Carlisle home designs that would suit your individual block.

Get a fixed price from Carlisle on your land today

Our design experts know which house designs suit different block sizes and shapes.

So we make this step easy by recommending appropriate home design options suitable for your specific block of land.

Once you make the decision to proceed we will organise a full site inspection to determine if your land is suitable for building a new Carlisle home. Together with your Sales Consultant you will finalise your preferred site details, options and discuss all of your personal requirements.

The advantages of a fixed price package*

With Carlisle Homes you’ll find the building process easy-to-understand, enjoyable and a journey to remember.

PiermontExternal AlreadyHaveLand

No compromises. The opportunity to choose from a wide selection of contemporary, modern home designs, within the Carlisle Homes Affinity Collection and T-Range, that suit your block of land.

Peace of mind. Prior to building we can provide you with one complete, transparent, fixed price package* that includes site costs, council and developer requirements. So there are no hidden surprises.

Finance organised in advance. A fixed price package* means you can proceed with arranging your finance and give your bank certainty that the cost is what you say it is going to be.

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Less risk. We can provide the financial certainty for your associated site costs, so that you understand up-front exactly what you're committing to and ensure there are no unexpected blow outs.

Less stress. You can confidently sign your building contract then simply wait for your land to become available to build on.

Customer support. We support you through the process of building your new home, so you know what is happening every step of the way.

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*Price based on Developer supplied engineering plans and Plan of Subdivision; standard floor plan with preferred siting (without alterations), Carlisle’s recommended Building Surveyor and residential zoning at package date. Confirm land prices and availability prior to purchase. Subject to developer and council approval. Pricing also excludes features not supplied by Carlisle, including fencing, landscaping, planting, letterbox, decking and driveway

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