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Protect your investment by building with Carlisle Homes

We understand that successful property investment is all about you and your return on investment. By investing in a newly built Carlisle home, you protect your investment and reduce your risk.

You can benefit from our contemporary designs, fixed pricing, energy efficient appliances, and quality assurance program, which includes a comprehensive 100-point Warranty Inspection.

Our home building process is simple and transparent. You receive more standard inclusions with Carlisle Homes and there are no surprises along the way. What you sign up for, is what you get.

Whether you’re investing in property for the first time, or adding to your current portfolio, it’s a big step. So we’ve put together a stack of information to help you understand the many critical factors that need to be taken into consideration:

Benefits of investing in a newly built Carlisle Home The benefits of choosing Carlisle as your investment home builder.

Property investment opportunities and tips Find out why property investment is more stable than other forms of investment.

Investment property checklist It pays to think about what you hope to achieve with your investment property.

Finance and calculators for property investors See how much can you afford to borrow or how much can you expect as a return on your investment.

FAQs for property investors Frequently asked questions about property investment.

House & Land Packages Packages make it easier and faster to purchase investment property.

Benefits of property investment

You can feel confident in investing in a Carlisle Home because of our exceptionally high construction quality, full transparency, and impressive luxury inclusions to make everyday life better.

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25 year structural guarantee: Ensure peace of mind in your investment with our solid 25-year structural guarantee.

Build time guarantee: We guarantee the completion date of your new investment property regardless of the changes made to it during construction.

Fixed price up front: You’ll get a fixed price contract and full transparency in all of your contractual dealings with us. That means there are no hidden fees or price shocks down the track.

Quality over quantity: We believe it’s all about building the highest quality home. That’s why we limit the number of homes we build and we have the lowest home-to-site-manager ratio in the industry. This means a higher level of professionalism, construction quality, and attention-to-detail.

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Quality assurance program: Three months after construction is completed we’ll undertake a comprehensive 100-point Warranty Inspection. The inspection ensures that any issues are addressed and rectified.

More inclusions and higher quality inclusions: We believe that some inclusions should just be included in the base price of a home – and not seen as ‘extras’. Not only will you get more standard inclusions but trusted, quality products and brands.

Select from a wide range of property investment opportunities: New homes, knock down rebuild projects, house & land packages, build a new home on your existing block, or invest in a display home.

Property investment financial advice: Loan Studio is our industry-leading finance team, to help you find the right property investment financial solution to build your wealth.

Property investment opportunities

Predictable, stable and profitable

Residential property investment has historically performed as a solid and stable investment opportunity - consistently delivering a strong return for medium to long-term investors. One of the best things about investing in residential property is that it provides a predictable rate of financial return in the form of rental income (cash flow) and can also help you build a robust, long-term wealth creation strategy. But before you dive in, it pays to be clear about your investment expectations and what you hope to achieve.

The advantages of investing in a newly-built residential property:

  • Government stamp duty concessions for new residential properties.
  • Attracts a premium rental return thanks to our contemporary design and on-trend interiors. Throughout the build you will have access to a professional design consultant at our award winning Spectra Selection Centre.
  • Potential tax benefits, such as negative gearing.
  • Significantly reduced upkeep, maintenance and repairs due to our:
    • Rigorous quality control process throughout construction.
    • Comprehensive 100-point warranty inspection three months after-settlement.
    • 25 year structural guarantee.

Property investment options with Carlisle Homes

Each property investor is unique; this is why Carlisle Homes offers a range of property investment opportunities such as:

Greenfield estates: build a new home in an up-and-coming prime development.

Knockdown rebuild projects: demolish an existing structure and build a new home in its place. Great for premier suburbs where land is limited.

Townhomes: our affordable townhomes maximise space on a small block, and are full turnkey meaning they’ve got everything they need for a tenant to move right in.

House & land packages: fixed-price packages make financial planning easy.

Ex-display homes: a popular option for investment, display homes have premium inclusions and are already built.

A perfect property investment option?

House & land packages and ex-display homes are the perfect solution for property investors. Our House & land team work in close relationship with trusted land developers to offer fixed price house & land packages for property investors.

A fixed price means the price you see listed is the fixed price you pay – with no hidden extras or additional costs. Carlisle has a wide selection of one and two storey house & land packages in great locations across the Melbourne metro area.

Browse current house & land packages

All packages include:

  • Fixed price guarantee on all site costs.
  • Extensive range of high quality standard inclusions.
  • Opportunity to personalise your home through the Spectra Selection Centre.
  • Foundations and connections.
  • Developer guidelines, covenants and council requirements.

Investment property checklist

It pays to think about what you hope to achieve with your investment property.

LivingInternal PropertyInvestors

Be careful of overcapitalising on your property It may make recouping investment costs unachievable. But if you’re thinking about living in the house yourself later on, then overcapitalising is probably less important.

Size of the property is important. Too large and rental income may be insufficient to cover the cost of the property. Too small and you may not get the kind of tenants you want.

HappyFamily PropertyInvestors

What kind of tenants would be ideal? Young couples with kids? Or empty-nesters with steady retirement income?

Do you need regular income from your investment property? Or additional income to superannuation? Is rental demand high in the area you’re looking to build?

What is an SMSF?

Investing in property through your Self Managed Super Fund

Investing in a Carlisle home within your Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) makes for an ideal retirement investment strategy.

In recent years’ global financial markets have taken a battering and many seniors have lost significant chunks of their super investment by being part of once-reliable retail funds.

Investing in property through your Self Managed Super Fund is a popular and robust choice.

What are the advantages of investing in property through my SMSF?

An SMSF has significant advantages over a conventional retail superannuation fund. The biggest of these is that you are in control of your retirement savings.

Owning residential property within your SMSF can provide you with significant tax benefits. Overall, it’s been proven to be a lower-risk investment option than playing the stock market or investing in a conventional retail superannuation fund that is affected by the fluctuations of world economic markets.

Investing your SMSF into bricks and mortar property is seen as a much less risky and more tangible investment and it puts you in control of your retirement investment.

Sound, qualified property advice

When it comes to property investment the more you know, the more successful your outcome will be. Take the time to consult with a qualified financial advisor such as a property investment consultant from the Loan Studio.

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Loan Studio will help you

Whether you are first-time investors or you looking to increase your current property investment portfolio, Carlisle Homes can help.

Buying an investment property with Carlisle Homes

An investment property is a popular wealth creation tool because it is relatively low risk, helps grow capital, and provides regular cash flow in the form of rental income.

Wanting to invest in property but don’t know where to start? Our experienced mortgage consultants can help you create a financial solution tailor-made for you and your circumstances.

We work with Loan Studio - an exclusive, industry-leading finance team who take the hard work out of finding the right property investment loan for you.

Loan Studio will help you:

  • Determine how much you can afford to borrow
  • Complete a quick and easy home loan pre-approval application
  • Compare financial products of all major banks and lenders to find the right loan and structure for you
  • Use the equity in your existing property to purchase an investment property
  • Structure your loan for ease of reference for tax purposes
  • Set up a package that is tailored towards multiple loans or properties

Work out how much you can borrow

Use our handy investment property loan calculators to determine your borrowing capacity.

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We’ve put together the most frequently asked questions about property investment. If you don’t see your question here, please contact us and we’d be happy to answer it.

  • Why invest in property?
    • When you’re building long-term wealth, investing in property has proved to be a low risk and stable investment strategy. History has shown that overall property values rarely go down. In comparison, investing in the stock market is a much higher risk investment. If you take the time to select your investment property well, you’ll not only benefit from a good return on your investment, but also receive steady cash flow from rental payments. You can also invest your super via a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF), read more about investing in property with a SMSF here.

  • How different will an investment loan be to my existing loan?
    • If you’re borrowing for an investment property - rather than a home you’re going to live in - some lenders may charge a higher interest rate because they see the risk being greater. But not always! That’s why it pays to explore all of your options and research loan providers. Talk to one of investment property loan specialists or read more about loans for property investment at the Loan Studio.

  • Can Carlisle Homes provide me with property investment advice?
    • Yes. We recommend you talk to our financial advisors at the Loan Studio - an industry-leading finance team available 7 days a week to help you find the right property investment loan for you.

  • Is Carlisle Homes a Licensed Mortgage Broker?
    • We work closely with the Loan Studio as our recommended Mortgage Broker. They are an industry-leading brokerage, and have recently won the Australian Mortgage Awards for “New Brokerage of the Year”. Read more about the Loan Studio here.

  • What type of investment property will get me the best return?
    • When you’re investing in property it’s usually all about capital growth, so choosing a property that is most likely to increase in value is the most important thing to consider. Also, making sure that your property will provide you with steady rental income stream is also critical because this cash flow will provide income. To help you make the right decision on which type of property will help you get the best return for your investment please read our Property investment tips and opportunities.

  • Can I invest in property in Australia if I live overseas?
  • Which suburbs are Carlisle Homes located in?
  • Which home designs are best for property investors?
  • Do you only build in outer-suburban 'greenfield' estates?
  • Do I need a property investment financial advisor or accountant?
    • You may seek out your own property investment advisor or accountant or you can also chat with our property investment specialists at the Loan Studio.

  • Can I use equity in my existing home to buy property?
    • Yes. If you’re already a home owner you may not need a deposit to fund the purchase of your investment property. Instead you may be able to use the power of your existing home’s equity.

      If you have owned your home for a few years there’s a good chance you have built up some decent equity (the difference between your home’s market value and the balance of your mortgage). Want to know more about how to use the equity in your current home to buy your investment property? Get in touch with our property investment specialists at the Loan Studio.

  • What's negative gearing and how does it work?
    • When it comes to property investment, gearing just means that you’re borrowing money to invest in property. That’s what it means to get a loan to invest in property. The reason why investors do this is that gearing allows you to invest in an asset of far greater value than you could afford otherwise.

      Negative gearing is when the cost of owning and maintaining a property (including interest on the loan – but not repayments on the principal loan amount) outweighs the rental income of the property. The reason why this is called negative is that the difference is a loss that can be claimed as a tax deduction, reducing tax payable on other types of income including your wage or salary.

  • What’s positive gearing and how does it work?
    • Positive gearing occurs when the income from your investment property exceeds your interest expense and other deductions. In this case, you may be subject to additional tax on income derived from your investment property.

  • What is co-ownership and joint ownership?
    • Co-ownership and joint ownership means that you can pool your financial resources with friends and/or family to help you invest in property. However, this strategy carries more risk because one of your co-investors may become bankrupt or suffer other financial hardship. If you choose this strategy please ensure you access to the right legal advice to create a contract that outlines each applicant’s commitment and percentage of ownership after paying off the mortgage.

  • How do I choose the right loan for my investment property?
    • The right loan will depend on several factors including how much equity you may have in your current home. If you need some help finding the right loan for you please contact our property investment specialists at the Loan Studio.

  • How much can I borrow to buy my investment property?
    • The amount of money you can borrow depends on several factors. Please use our property investment calculator to determine how much you can afford to borrow.

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