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Want a Great-Looking Roof? Here’s How to Ensure it Performs Well Too

by Carlisle Homes

The right roof offers more than style – it can boost energy savings and provide long-term protection too. Here’s all you need to know to make the smartest selection.

When you’re building a home, the roofing you choose plays more than just a supporting role – it can boost your home’s street appeal, reduce energy costs, minimise outside noise and more. As the biggest surface of your exterior, it’s one of the first things people see when they visit your home and the style you choose sets the tone for the rest of your architecture. Select well and you will create something truly unique and impactful, while protecting your property from wind, rain and temperature extremes for years to come.

There are myriad choices when it comes to roofing materials. Take your pick from classic terracotta and concrete tiles, flat roof shingles, metal sheeting and more. And they’re getting smarter too; you’ll find tiles that offer thermal and acoustic protection and long-lasting performance in tough weather conditions – ideal for homes in our extreme climate. You’ll even find solar-generating styles such as a Monier’s InlineSOLAR™ that integrates standard solar panels seamlessly into the roofline.

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Available exclusively with all Monier Concrete and Terracotta roofing tiles, InlineSOLAR™ grants you the flexibility to integrate solar into your roof. Your roof will be clever and stylish with industry-leading all-black solar panels which enhance your system and your home’s look.

As roofing is such an important element of your exterior and not one you’re likely to change in a hurry, it pays to buy once and buy well. Paying more for a quality material that will last is an investment you won’t regret. It’s also wise to make your roofing selections early in the planning process as what you choose will influence the colours and finishes on the rest of your facade.

Monier’s concrete and terracotta roof tiles offer timeless and enduring style, and make a smart roofing choice for Australian homes. They are specially designed to withstand our tough climatic conditions and come in a range of on-trend colours and profiles to suit our favourite architectural styles – from the coastal charm of a Hamptons home to an ultra-contemporary aesthetic.

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Monier’s roof tiles offer enduring style, and are crafted using raw materials from the Australian landscape. Click the links to explore the terracotta and concrete ranges.

Thanks to Monier’s C-LOC™ Colour Lock Technology, Concrete tiles will retain their gloss up to eight times longer than the leading sheeted steel roofing brand.

They can also help you enjoy a quieter and more peaceful home. The density and thickness of the tiles means they'll provide acoustic protection; for example, can reduce external sound by 30 decibels.

Concrete tiles are the most economic roofing material on the market and only get stronger with age, so you can be confident that your roof will look beautiful and perform brilliantly for decades. Monier’s concrete tiles are available in a vast range of hues, including rich grey, inky blue, soft pebble tones and unique metallics, allowing you to create a stunning and unique look.

Their range of concrete tile profiles is equally impressive and caters to homes of every style. Choose from the gentle curves of Elabana tiles, the defined geometric lines of Tudor tiles and the refined elegance of Atura tiles; or, for a more contemporary look, consider super-flat Horizon tiles, or Cambridge tiles, which give you the look of traditional shingles in durable concrete.

With Monier’s terracotta roof tiles, the colour is baked into the tile so it lasts a lifetime. Options include everything from rich, dark charcoal and soft grey to classic terracotta tones. And there’s a style to suit every architectural aesthetic, including chic, French-inspired Marseille tiles; Nouveau tiles, which offer a modern twist on a classic look; and ultra-flat Urban Shingle, which make for a stunning addition to modern and mid-century Australian homes.

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Tile colour options vary to suit every style and aesthetic - from rich, dark charcoal and soft grey to classic terracotta tones. Seen here Portland Sierra Facade as displayed at Cloverton, Kalkallo.

Monier understands that when you’re building your dream home, details are everything. They offer different ridging options for their concrete and terracotta tiles so you can finish off your roofline just the way you like it - A-line ridge for a streamlined, contemporary look and a lapped ridge for a more traditional aesthetic.

While good looks are undeniably important, you’ll want your new home to feel comfortable and pleasant to be inside too. Monier tiles can be combined with roof sarking and ventilation products to boost your home’s energy efficiency, improve indoor air quality and create a more comfortable interior temperature without the need to flick the switch (which is great news for your hip pocket).

Monier tiles can also be combined with roof sarking to improve the thermal performance of the roof, acting as a protective second layerminimising weather-related damage, such as wind-driven rain entering your roof cavity and by reducing heat flow through the roof, helping provide a more energy efficient and comfortable home.

Stylish, safe and energy efficient – it’s peace of mind guaranteed.

See just how impactful Monier roof tiles can be with a visit to one of our Carlisle Homes’ display homes. To find out more about which Monier roofing product is right for your new home call Carlisle Homes on 13 26 27.

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