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Top 5 (affordable) marble accessories

by Carlisle Homes

Marble is one of the most durable and enduring materials and wonderfully practical too. Whether it’s a large bowl on display in the bathroom, or something on the kitchen bench filled with bits-and-bobs, it’s all about making these beautiful, artistic, yet functional basics, fit into your lifestyle. Marble never fails to deliver clean lines and sleek, contemporary shapes, while remaining aesthetically striking; it’s the consummate classic staple and, will never look out of date in your home. It’s ‘the’ high-end fashion statement, and like all masterworks, will always be in vogue. Even the smallest piece means you are investing in a natural medium that will not be thrown out, worn out, or simply forgotten, it is and always will be, a keeper.

Here’s five ways of appeasing your bourgeois appetite with essential every day pieces that will fit into any modern home.

Art Imitating Life
It’s quite common for fashion trends to pre-determine what interior designers will be advocating from season to season, but that is not the case with marble. Marble is on its own ‘runway’ trajectory and the ‘marble effect’ can now be seen on global catwalks because of its unique, vein-like properties. All this texture has been applied to home wares for centuries and in 2016 it is making a big comeback in accessories, stationery, art, food styling and graphic-design and one might say marble, is its own interdisciplinary trend.


Images found from (left) (middle and right)

Masterful Minimalist Marble
You know what they say, less is more and nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to marble. These everlasting pieces are designed to be functional, which means you won’t be afraid to use them daily, and will not break the budget either. Quality at affordable prices – marble-ised genius.


Images found at (far left) (left) (middle) (far right)

Marble-ous Succulence
Vegetation colour pop is always a hit in any home, especially those that are ultra-modern and fuss free. But indoor plants can be messy and let’s face it, with our busy schedules these days it’s hard enough feeding and watering the kids, let-alone the plants! So why not try hardy succulents? They come in all different shapes and sizes and when teamed with classic marble pots, the finished product is marble-ous!


Images found at (left) (middle) (right)

Essential Luxury – His and Hers
Add sophistication and luxurious depth to your bedroom by mixing it up when it comes to the bedside table. K-mart are doing a great range of marble lamps that will compliment a marble tray and pint-sized pot that works really well for precious keep-sakes and candles.


Images found at (left) (middle) Piermont on display at The Address Point Cook with the Kmart Marmo Marble Table Lamp (right)

Marble Creations
Who says coffee tables are all about designer books and magazines? Marble is a feature in itself and needs little accessorising as the devil is in the detail. With its durability and sturdiness and natural vein pattern, no two pieces will be the same. A marble coffee table will be a beautiful centre piece in any home and hardy enough to withstand the tell-tale signs of modern living, especially housebound pets, who chew as a past-time when bored!


Images found at (small) and (large) Piermont on display at Aston Estate Craigieburn

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