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The Look of Luxury – Supernatural Ultra by Caesarstone

by Carlisle Homes

Choosing these stunning and highly durable marbled quartz surfaces for kitchen benchtops will elevate your whole home.

Calacatta Nuvo features at Langholm , Tarneit Estate

The kitchen truly is the heart of the modern Australian home. It’s a practical space where we prepare food, but also a place where we come together with family and friends. And because it has such a prominent position adjacent to dining and lounge areas, your material choices here, particularly for benchtops, will have a huge impact on the style and function of your home’s interior and the lasting impression it makes on visitors. Caesarstone’s Supernatural Ultra range has been designed for this very reason, capturing the resurgent popularity of marble veining with the hardwearing performance of Caesarstone quartz surfaces.

Taking inspiration from nature

Marble-look surfaces are everywhere in interior design right now, with their affordable and tactile good looks adding luxurious style in both traditional and modern interiors. As world-famous trend forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort explains, “Marble is a classic taste in both the historical as well as the contemporary sense.” Edelkoort, who anticipates future movements in fashion and design, is a regular collaborator with Caesarstone, where she ensures the brand’s high-quality quartz surfaces reflect the latest architectural and interior design styles. “We are seeing a return to classic inspirations in kitchens … a quest for decoration,” she says. The intricate detail in marble patterns is a big part of this.

Caesarstone head of product design Mor Krisher gives similar reasons for marble’s popularity, but also notes the desire to reconnect with nature that’s currently dominating global design. “Marble is timeless, and today it’s also very trendy,” he says. “And now it’s less about exclusivity and more about expressing nature, more about being organic.” In designing the Supernatural Ultra range, Krisher and his team took inspiration from examples of marbling in nature, not just in stone but in the way a tree’s bare branches throw shadow on a wall, for example. The end result is a benchtop material with the luxe look of marble and an organic authenticity that works beautifully with other on-trend colours and materials.

Statuario Maximus

The pure beauty of white marble

Supernatural Ultra is available in three stunning designs. Calacatta Nuvo, Caesarstone's interpretation of highly prized natural Calacatta marble, features wide, elegantly cascading grey veins on a white base. Statuario Maximus displays broader, bolder warm-grey veins sweeping across a soft white background. And then the newest of the three designs, Empira White is laced with fine black veins and underlying shadowy layers.

White surfaces can have a powerful influence on your home’s interior, because they reflect light and brighten whole rooms, create a greater sense of space, and have the versatility to work with many different colour schemes. All of these Caesarstone designs can play this role, but Empira White in particular stands out. The company’s Research and Design team spent a decade perfecting the purest organic white to serve as a backdrop to its intricate veining. In doing so, they created a dramatic interplay between light and dark tones and produced Caesarstone’s most authentic marbled quartz finish yet.

Calacatta Nuvo features at Langholm , Tarneit Estate

Choosing Supernatural Ultra for your own home

You can use the three Supernatural Ultra designs in myriad ways. Combine them with stained timber flooring and brass tapware and accessories for a classic look. Pair them with natural greens and rich blues from current trend forecasts for a stronger, more contemporary feel. Or for a more subtle effect, look for off-whites and greys that match tones in their veining details.

To explore these options in further detail visit Caesarstone and the Spectra Online in Mulgrave, or head to one of our many display homes located across Melbourne. Here, you can experience Caesarstone Supernatural Ultra firsthand, and see how it looks with cabinetry and splashbacks in different colour schemes. Or alternatively, start the process from the comfort of your own home, by experimenting with themes and finding your signature interior style at the new Inspire by Carlisle.

Calacatta Nuvo features at Langholm , Tarneit Estate

Statuario Maximus on display at Astoria Grand , Clyde North Estate

Empira White available at Spectra Online

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