5 Now or Never Inclusions 540 x 768 5 Now or Never Inclusions 540 x 768

Build Smarter: Understanding ‘Now or Never Inclusions’

Don’t miss out on these important inclusions. Here’s what you’ll need to specify at the early stages of your build.

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3 CarlisleCollection2021 540 x 540 5 CarlisleCollection2021 540 x 768

The 2021 Carlisle Collection: Meet Our New Home Designs!

New facades and floor plans, plus more front flip options! Discover the latest from Carlisle Homes in 2021.

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3 KnockdownRebuildEssentialss 540 x 540 5 KnockdownRebuildEssentialss 540 x 768

The 8 Knockdown-Rebuild Essentials Your Builder Should Offer

Weighing up a knockdown rebuild? Here’s what you should expect from your builder

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Home Cooling 540 x 768 Home Cooling 540 x 768

Stay Cool This Summer: Your Guide to Evaporative and Refrigerated Cooling

Looking for the best way to cool your home? Evaporative and refrigerated cooling are both great options – but how do they compare?

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WINDOWS 270x270 WINDOWS 270 x 384

The Wonder of Windows and the Amazing Benefits of Double-Glazing

Windows do more than just provide light and views – choose well, and they can cut your power costs, boost your home’s thermal performance and more.

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MtAtkinsonTruganina 540x656 MtAtkinsonTruganina 540x768

I Wish I'd Thought of That

When you have lived in a few houses you get to know the features that you value, and those you don’t.  And with some of those features, you only get one chance to install them and that is during construction. 

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