Inspire | 24 May 2016

Styling that Bare Space

by Carlisle Homes

It's been suggested that living amongst a stylishly planned home, regardless of how minimalistic the interior may be, ‘releases the same chemicals within the brain, synonymous with being in love!’

So, it's no surprise to see interior designers creating conceptual features in obscure areas (like under a stairwell or a random wall against a long corridor) to spread the ‘love’ around. Let us show you several innovative and individual ideas to turn those bare spaces into interesting focal points.

Take a Seat

Occasional or ornamental statement chairs paired with one-of-a-kind sculptures, are a stylish way of adding old school glamour to a bare corner. While minimalist styling is very on trend, the ‘dead space’ in your room can provide a fabulous opportunity to inject some of your personal style, you can even rotate the arrangement to keep it dynamic!

CARL606896 Portland25 Heroes 108 blog

Portland Master Suite as displayed at Minta Estate, Berwick

Corners that Count

A quiet corner is a perfect place to showcase beautiful pieces, which may or may not be used as every day, functional living spaces. Quirky vintage “one-offs” can be teamed with wall art, mirrors and retro chairs to create real wow factor, while wallpaper or funky reading lamps can create a (stylish) comfy nook for the discerning book worm. Now could be the ideal time to perfect the vignette in your corner arrangement, read more about vignettes here.

CARL606896 CanterburyGrand Heroes 045 blog 1

Canterbury Grand Study as displayed at Minta Estate, Berwick

Stairway to Style

Stairwells are no longer vacuums of wasted space. Well placed, simple statement pieces like ornamental chests and standout sculptures, harmoniously balance the empty area with artistic flair, elevating the zone to gallery inspired heights.

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