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Statement rugs

by Carlisle Homes

When choosing a statement rug, colour doesn’t have to be full throttle. Neutral shades paired with animal prints, or stripes and sleek lines, all work well while still keeping things simple. Try using wall art, with pops of colour already threaded through your statement rug, to add a sense of cohesion and symmetry. Or go as bold as you dare, by matching accents such as vases, glassware and light fixtures plus fresh flowers, to transform a kaleidoscope of chaotic colours, to subtly unite.

Rug About
A rug can set the tone for your entire living space. Striped rugs can lengthen a room giving it the illusion of being larger than it actually is. In direct contrast, a thick shag-pile rug will do the opposite, and create an extra layer of texture and dimension, making it feel cosy, warm and inviting. And sometimes, a slightly detailed, bold hue, packs as much punch as an array of colour, by giving the bedroom a dramatic edge, that may be heightened with pops of colour or plants.


Images found at (left) Bridgeport on display at Warralilly Coast, Armstrong Creek, Armstrong Creek (middle) Albany on display at Featherbrook Estate, Point Cook (right) Illuka from the Inspire Gallery

Homely Hamptons Look
The Hamptons style is so popular, as it combines classic decorating, with rustic influences to create the perfect coastal retreat. The best way is to draw the colour palette from nature, sandy creams, bleached timber and tones of tinted blue. These colours can be incorporated in your statement rug or you can keep it very organic and use good quality grass weave as well.


Images found at (left) (middle) Atlantique on display at Berwick Waters, Clyde North (right)

Creative Chaos
Once you have chosen your rug, then accessorising will be entirely up to you. If you are going for a funky coloured, ‘out-there-print’ then it’s best to keep the sofa a safe neutral shade using this as the blank canvas to slather the area with bright cushions, throws, vases, wall art, candles and blooms. Ikea do great lamps and side tables to give it that modern twist, while still adding dimension and individual character - without breaking the budget.


Images found at (left) (middle) (right)

The Wow Factor
If your room is feeling a little mediocre or uninspired, the secret to changing this could well be what lies beneath the furniture. A statement rug can really update the look of your room, change the tone and make the space a conversational piece. A bold pattern might seem like a risky choice, but in a neutral space without a lot of large scale patterns, it will make the whole room come to life.


Images found at (left) Augusta on display at Greenvale Gardens (middle and right)

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