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Smart Toilets: Bringing Next-Level Luxury to Your Bathroom

by Carlisle Homes

Delivering superior hygiene and comfort, smart toilets are the next big thing in contemporary bathrooms – here’s why.

The humble toilet has had a serious upgrade – smart toilets are bringing a new level of luxury to contemporary bathrooms, with impressive features such as a water and air temperature control and the ability to slash cleaning time.

Watch our short video on the Arcisan Neion Intelligent Toilet here or read more about smart toilets below.


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First gaining popularity in Japan and subsequently seen in top hotels and resorts around the world, smart toilets are now making waves in Australian homes. They combine the functions of a normal toilet with the cleaning advantages of a bidet, all delivered by remote control.

Sound like a feature you’d like to include in your new Carlisle home? We’re delighted to offer the Intelligent Toilet as an optional bathroom upgrade. Australian manufacturer Arcisan is one of the biggest names in bathroomware in this country, and they’re leading the way when it comes to intelligent toilet design. Their intelligent toilets combine sleek good looks with cutting-edge technology to deliver next-gen style and functionality to your bathroom.

What is a smart toilet?

A smart toilet provides a touch-free and hygienic bathroom experience. Combining the functions of a traditional toilet with the cleaning abilities of a bidet in one, it will water-rinse, clean and air dry you after use, eliminating the need for toilet paper.

For personalised comfort, you can set your desired water temperature and pressure as well as the position of the water/air nozzle via remote control.

Future-proof your home

Smart-home functionality is an increasingly sought-after feature in modern home design, whether it’s voice-controlled lighting and window treatments, intelligent heating and cooling, or smart toilets. Ensure your home has everything buyers want by future-proofing it at the design stage with the latest smart-home technology.

Here’s a closer look at the functionality of the Arcisan Neion Intelligent Toilet in more detail. 

An elegant look

The Arcisan Neion Intelligent Toilet has a compact and streamlined aesthetic, with an in-wall concealed cistern and a sleek, rimless ceramic pan, making it an appealing focal point in your bathroom.

Less cleaning

Its rimless ceramic pan makes the Arcisan Neion easier to clean as there’s nowhere for germs to hide. Water is circulated around the inner perimeter of the pan, providing superior flushing.

Coated with a special glaze that incorporates nano technology, the Arcisan Neion’s ceramic surface allows the pan to stay cleaner for longer. In addition, the nozzle cleans itself before and after every use, while the tank runs a self-cleaning mode if left idle for a set period.

Incorporating a smart toilet into your bathroom will become a practical addition, built-in wash and dry functions can be tailored to your liking and operated by the push of a button. Featured here: Canterbury Grand, Minta Estate, Berwick.

Easy to use

You can control water temperature and flow as well as air temperature and the position of the water nozzle with the touch of a button on the remote-control panel. It also allows you and another user to personalise your settings, ensuring customised comfort every time.

Ultimate in convenience

The Arcisan Neion offers gender-specific functions, providing each user with superior hygiene and comfort. This includes female wash and rear wash, and an air-drying function. 

Safer at night

A built-in LED night light under the rim of the Arcisan Neion makes it easier to find your way in the dark.

Make an appointment to visit our Spectra Showroom to see the Arcisan Neion Intelligent Toilet for yourself or to have a chat with our friendly team about what other smart-home features are available for your new abode. 

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