Building Your Home | 8 May 2017

Mother's day 2017

by Carlisle Homes

With a few days up our sleeve to reflect on the ‘best idea’ for mum for upcoming Mother’s Day (it’s May 14 in case you don’t have it locked in your calendar), the best advice to heed is to avoid anything to do with housework – appliances, accessories, gadgets – they are not the go-to. Unless, that is, your gift is actually a ‘house cleaner’, that is a whole different story. Additionally, a good philosophy is to purchase a gift that she wouldn’t normally splurge on herself, like perfume (always a winner), books, or the old favourite – PJs.

We have a few ideas that will keep you in the good books with the mum(s) in your life.

#1 Mums love accessories
Is there a particular trinket or home accessory you have noticed mum coveting recently? Perhaps it’s that (little bit) expensive cushion for the couch, or that luxury blush throw rug for the bedroom, or something nice to sit on her side table. Surprising her with something she has admired but hasn’t taken the purchase plunge yet will take her breathe away!


Accessory paradise in this designer bedroom in the Astoria at Upper Point Cook Estate and lounge area in the Beechwood in the Jubilee Estate, Wyndham Vale.

#2 Green house mates
If your mum counts those of the green variety among her friends, then she will always love a beautifully potted plant - you can’t go wrong. Either buy one already in a designer pot, or be a bit cleverer and grab a Fiddle Leaf Fig from Bunnings and hunt around for a unique looking basket or planter to suit.


Potted plant goals in the Beechwood on display at The Jubilee Estate, Wyndham Vale

#3 Bring the spa to her
The key to any DIY planned for Mother’s Day is DO NOT CREATE A MESS, because that undoes all the good work. Decorate the master suite with lovely scented candles (try sandalwood, lavender, chamomile for relaxation), run a lovely warm bath, and maybe a glass of champagne depending on the hour. You could organise a massage therapist to come to home, that way you still get to spend the day together as a family.


Perfect venue for an at-home-spa in the Maison on display at Woodlea Estate in Rockbank

#4 Plan a family photo shoot
While we are guilty of carrying around albums of 1000+ photos on our smart phones, we very rarely have any printed these days. Booking in a family portrait day, complete with hair and make-up stylists, can be a fun activity to all do together and create a precious keepsake. Why not plan for a family photo wall at home, with a selection of shots from today and yesteryear…

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