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Keep your cool in summer

by Carlisle Homes

From all reports we are in for a summer scorcher this year!

While most of us love the hot summer days with endless BBQs, kids playing under sprinklers and trips to the beach, you can’t beat a cool home to retreat to for some time out from the heat.

Here are some ideas to make sure your home is the ‘coolest’ in the street…
Evaporative cooling is often described as being similar to feeling a sea breeze through your home.  It works by drawing fresh air from outside and passing it through moistened pads to cool and filter the air and push through ductwork into your rooms.  The hot (and stale) air from your rooms is pushed out through open windows and doors.  It is a healthy cooling option as air is continually replaced, not re-circulated, and being water cooled it won’t dry the air which reduces irritation to your skin and eyes.  According to Carlisle cooling supplier Brivis, evaporative cooling uses very little power meaning it can be a very affordable option for most families.

Alternatively, you can add refrigerated cooling to your heating system, providing you with complete climate control.  Refrigerated cooling removes hot air from inside and returns it, cooled using refrigerants, via ductwork to your rooms.  Refrigerated cooling can be better for those suffering from allergies because the air inside your home is kept dry which can mean fewer dust mites, and it is more efficient in humid conditions.  Different from evaporative cooling, this option requires windows and doors to be kept closed to be effective, which may not suit homes with alfresco areas, bi-fold doors and kids running in and out.     

Another option to consider is to add split system units to main living areas.  This can be a lower cost option to create some cool zones in your home without going to the expense of a full house system.

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Evaporative cooling perfectly suited with this alfresco in the Canterbury display home at the Somerfield Estate, Keysborough and Atlantique display home at Berwick Waters, Clyde North.

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Choosing the right window covering can also contribute to keeping your home cool and comfortable on those hot days.  A popular choice is a sheer roller blind which can reduce heat transfer but still allow light in.  External awnings are a very efficient for home cooling by reducing heat and sun glare from entering the home, and can be designed in a vast range of colours and fabrics.  Track screening on alfresco areas can create an outdoor room that is very protected from the heat of the day, but allow light and breeze to pass through, so everybody can enjoy the outdoors without being exposed to the sun’s harsh rays.  Have a look at Victory Blinds for some blinds and shutters inspiration!

Fans in bedrooms can be a good way to keep air circulating, especially if there isn’t a cooling outlet in those rooms.  A fan in an alfresco area can make that weekend BBQ more comfortable, keeping the air moving around, it can also reduce the amount of flies and insects from hovering over the food!

ResizedImage600337 Summer Blog3

Alfresco in the Riva at Berwick Waters, Clyde North.

ResizedImage600337 Summer Blog4

Alfresco in the Illuka display home at the Trillium Estate, Mickleham.

There are glazing options available to consider to improve your home comfort and reduce the reliance on cooling.  Typically warm air is attracted to colder air which means that using double glazed windows can reduce the heat transfer on a warm day, so that potentially you may not need to turn your cooling on until much later in the day (for some real techno advice have a look at Your Home).  When combined with tinted or toned glass to protect from direct sunlight, the units can become even more efficient.  Have a look at double glazing supplier A&L Windows for more information.

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Double glazed windows in the lounge in the new Matisse at Warralily Estate, Armstrong Creek (Geelong) and activity zone in the Vienna at Berwick Waters Estate, Clyde North.

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Okay so you’ve got the cooling and window coverings sorted but what other fun ideas are there to keep your cool this summer?

Here’s our top 5!

  1. Everyone loves icy poles!  Make sure your freezer is stocked with icy poles, we love these yummy healthy Mango + Yoghurt pops, here’s the recipe
  2. Join in on the water fight!  Grab a super soaker and let the games begin, a great way to have fun and cool down!
  3. Even the pets get warm!  Make sure our furry and feathered (and scaled?) friends don’t suffer the heat, the RSPCA have some handy hints.
  4. Stick to salads!  Not the time to cook the 7 hour roast, plan some cool and refreshing salads, we’ve found some great ideas here.
  5. Lucky enough to have a pool? Have a bit of fun with these classic pool and water games for kids…

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(Source:, RSPCA Vic, Jamie Oliver)

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