Inspire | 31 March 2022

Essential Interior Style Guide: Fresh-Coastal

by Carlisle Homes

The Seaside Sensation: Create an Effortless Coastal Feel Throughout Your Home.

From selecting paint colours and finishes to choosing cabinetry and door profiles, creating a home that reflects your unique taste is easy with Carlisle. Welcome to our new Interior Styles series where you can explore the different styles on offer to discover what you love! So far, we’ve explored the ultimate look of luxury and guided you through the art of sophisticated spaces. This week, we turn our focus to the seaside experience, and how to create that fresh, coastal look inside your home.

Let this inspiration guide you when you visit our showroom or when you log on to the Spectra Online tool, where you can browse a wide selection of products, finishes and fixtures and save your favourites to show family and friends.

Coastal-themed interior styles have become popular for those who wish to introduce a tranquil, coastline feel to their home. Relish in that sought-after shoreline sensation, with crisp airy touches, refreshing finishes and timeless accents to establish the coastal aesthetic in your home.

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The Hamptons Coastal style encompasses the timeless appeal of the East End of Long Island through a classic, neutral and airy feel.


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Inspired by nature’s beauty, the Botanical Fresh style uses a neutral palette and soft textures.


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Hamptons Elegance combines traditional coastal motifs with contemporary touches to establish understated elegance.

A fresh, coastal style incorporates comfortable luxury and light, minimal styling to create a relaxed yet sophisticated holiday-like atmosphere. These styles look to a neutral, nature-inspired palette, that reflects the ocean, sky or rich foliage, keeping it classic and refined above all else. Natural light is a must, along with the incorporation of organic textures, to create an airy, casual feel that’s flexible to seasonal accessorising.

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The Palm Springs Living interior reimagines classic beach-side style through elements of cane, wicker and lush tropical foliage.


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Neutral sandy tones, beach-inspired accessories and hints of blue express the essence of Peninsula Living.

Choosing an interior style and looking for more inspiration? Head over to the Inspire section of the Home Files for our latest how-to guides and trend stories. You can also browse our entire collection of interior styles here.

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