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Creating a home to reflect your unique taste is easy with Carlisle. Start by exploring our gallery of interior styles. Take yourself on a journey to discover what you love. From Classic Contemporary to on-trend Scandi and Hamptons styles, romantic French Chateau to Resort living, we have inspiration to help you create your dream home. Let this inspiration guide you when you log on to the Spectra Online tool, which will allow you to browse a wide selection of products, finishes and fixtures and save your favourites to show family and friends.

Hamptons Coastal

Our love of iconic movies featuring gorgeous homes from The Hamptons, a popular seaside resort forming part of the East End of Long Island, New York, has led to the increasing popularity of re-creating the Hamptons Coastal style in our homes.

Hamptons Elegance

Hamptons Elegance is all about the grey contemporary connotations that come with it. With a sense of sophistication, your Hamptons Elegance interiors will stand the test of time.

Botanical Fresh

Simply inspired by the great outdoors, our Botanical Fresh interior style will captivate you from the moment you step inside. Inducing a sense of tranquility throughout, statement botanical inspired artworks, along with indoor plant life become the true hero’s throughout this interior trend.

Californian Glamour

Glamour is key when decorating Californian Glamour style. A neutral base palette is essential, allowing gold metal furnishings, accessories and statement lighting fittings to take centre stage. Californian fan palms and desert plants are essential, along with the introduction of patterned metallics in soft furnishings.

Contemporary Allure

Showcasing contemporary styles in both hard and soft furnishings, with the allure of those finer details in herringbone floorboards, stunning wall and pendant lights, and oversized abstract artworks, this interior trend will captivate you with its elegance from the moment you step inside.

Grand Hotel

Step inside a world of timeless luxury and splendour with the Grand Hotel collection. Be swept away by opulent layers of rich textures and metallic contrasts intensified by an abundance of natural light. Create drama with striking decorative features, while sheer fabrics craft a sense of romance and indulgence.

Peninsula Living

Be reminded of endless summer days and cool ocean breezes with the relaxing Peninsula Living collection. Neutral sandy tones partnered with hints of blue shades, embody the essence of comfortable luxury and eternal style. Highlights of warm timbers and beach inspired accessories complete this stunning natural Peninsula look.

New Country

Keeping on trend with a real Scandinavian influence we introduce to you ‘New Country’. With the introduction of just a few key pieces we were able to adopt our ‘New Country’ feel with a neutral native colour palette, cup cabinetry handles and contemporary country artworks, creating a casual and relaxed atmosphere.

Classic Contemporary

With the considered melding of traditional lines and modern nuances, Classic Contemporary style invites a fresh perspective throughout. Transition to the new age gracefully while celebrating the drama and romance of classic opulence and luxury.

Contemporary Scandinavian

Evoking a sense of overall tranquility throughout, statement furniture, lighting and wall treatments capture the beauty of Contemporary Scandi Living. This style embodies simplicity and purity with a focus on function.

Gatsby Living

Be transported to the roaring 20s in New York City…. The Gatsby Era. Using a neutral palette of greys and blacks with under tones of bronze and olive you’ll feel at home in this sophisticated style. Incorporating unusual and striking wallpapers and accessories with art deco elements, it’s easy to showcase this style whilst keeping your big-ticket items neutral and contemporary..

Moody Noir

With nods to a more classic style seen in the 1940’s, Moody Noir includes curved arm sofas, chandeliers and vintage floral artwork. Layering textures of velvets, furs and crystals throughout your home will tie in your contemporary pieces with this very expressive style of interior design.

Shanghai Living

Our Shanghai styled home at Eliston Estate, the Redcliffe, channels a boutique hotel, with rich layers of neutral linens, greys and blacks contrasted by the rich walnut timber joinery. Crisp and neat, this look is quite formal with nods to oriental China.

Australian Living

Creating a feeling of cohesion with your natural landscape is a key feature of the Contemporary Australian Living style. Taking design cues from our lifestyle, climate and surrounding environments. 

Palm Springs Living

Resort Living is at the heart of the Palm Springs Interior style. Elements of cane, wicker and lush tropical foliage transport you to Palm Springs, California and its relaxed holiday atmosphere.

Modern Mediterranean

Feel the exotic vibes and explore the crisp colour palette of this Modern Mediterranean design style. The Mediterranean style is characterized by simple and romantic aesthetics of the southern European countries.

Winter Living

The stunning Winter scheme showcased in our Clovelly display home at Woodlea Estate captures that true homely feeling. A place you’d love to stay and relax with family and friends.

Boutique Hotel

Embrace the glorious delights of the Boutique Hotel style where luxury finishes mingle with statement individuality! A sophisticated blend of rich layered textures, quality details and eclectic style creates warm and inviting spaces with a difference.

Classic Resort Living

Relax, unwind and enjoy your own seachange paradise with Classic Resort Living. Borrow inspiration from your beachside holidays with crisp whites, offset by the cool blues of the ocean, glossy greens of the tropical forest and flowing sheer fabrics, to make the most of your natural light.

Contemporary Living

Explore the emphasised sleek lines and form of Contemporary Living and discover a world of sophisticated simplicity. A blend of refined neutrals with cream, black, grey and white set the scene for furniture pieces to create striking profiles.

Gold Rush

Influenced by bold contemporary living concepts, Gold Rush embodies a style of unique glamour. While staying true to strong and bold lines, creating a sense of airy open space, gold accents and features reflect an individual allure.

Coastal Retreat

Be reminded of endless summer days and cool ocean breezes with the relaxing Coastal Retreat collection. Neutral sandy tones partnered with hints of pale blues and calming greys, embody the essence of comfortable luxury and eternal style.

French Chateau

Capture the romance of the French Chateau style for a classic look that symbolises pure opulence and simple elegance with the versatility of seasonal accessorising.

Hamptons Lifestyle

This classic beach inspired look is represented through sophistication and elegance. Inspired by the New Yorkers holiday destination of choice the interior palette is derived from a light and breezy, cool coastal feel.

Noosa Resort Living

The Noosa Resort Living interior style has a much sought after relaxed feel, whilst keeping with current contemporary design trends. Accessories and artwork are key features in this style.

Nordic Living

Inspired from northern Europe, Nordic Living is about minimal design mixed with function and clean lines. Blonde timbers add warmth to rooms while sheers with black rods create an understated elegance.

Vancouver Lodge

In a tribute to rustic beauty, Vancouver Lodge conjures images of rocky mountains and roaring open fires. Warm tones radiate from blended natural timbers, while ironwork features add interest to crafted furniture pieces.

Scandi Living

The on trend Scandi Living style embodies simplicity and purity with a focus on function and a welcome home feel. Evoking a sense of overall tranquility throughout, statement furniture becomes the hero, capturing the beauty of light with the coolness of Scandi Living.

Moroccan Mystique

Feel the exotic vibes and explore the rich tapestry of the Moroccan style with a sophisticated and contemporary edge. Embellishing this style from faraway lands is striking highlights of silver and chrome, and layers of luxurious fabrics and textures, framed with bold ebony for impact.

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