Building Your Home | 5 January 2016

Colour outlook 2016

by Carlisle Homes

If 2016 for you means a new home, or maybe plans to re look at your current home styling, then you are probably starting to check out what’s coming up in the world of colour. Ahead of the start of each year Dulux launch their colour trends which can be both inspiring and perplexing at the same time.

The Dulux Colour Forecast 2016 explores influences from the past, future and the unknown across four very unique palettes,

‘We desire the unique, the bespoke, the individual – seeking products that will add a sense of luxury and distinction in our lives. A new industry of customisation is being created by the makers, the designers, the creators – producing handcrafted products that connect with us and focus on the importance of design more than ever before’ – Dulux Australia.

The Carlisle team of stylists takes a look at forecast and what it can mean for you.

The Bio Fragility palette takes inspiration from the natural world focussing on subtle and delicate hues. It captures the soft and soothing side of the environment in an almost dreamy essence. This collection can work really well for bedroom and bathroom zones evoking a peaceful and harmonious tranquillity. Our new display home launching at Point Cook in the New Year embodies this forecasted palette drawing inspiration from gentle tones with elements of nature. Similarly, the master suite in the Augusta display home at Greenvale Gardens evokes a feeling of softness and sanctuary with tactile layering and chalky hues.


Dulux’s Infinite Worlds allows us to continue our obsession with metallics set against backdrops of moody darker tones contrasted with flashes of bold colours. Inducing a feeling of deepness and intrigue, this palette fits with rooms of relaxation and comfort such as the home theatre or rumpus and reminds us of our Regent display home at the Rosenthal Estate in Sunbury. A sense of drama is created with the deep feature wall tones accented by celestial-like bright copper textiles.


The comfort of nostalgia is the focus for Dulux’s Future Past palette, deriving cues from industrial times with a touch of old-world glamour and eclectic edge. Our love of vintage and heirloom collections, where every piece has a story to tell, fits right into this colour style. While deep and decadent colours are the hero here, it’s the addition of mustard and pastel shades that create a familiar softness.


A throwback to the industrial age in the Radison on display at the Aston Estate, Craigieburn, with antique features adding character like the telescope, marine lamp and leather armchair offset with cool blues for a modern twist.

The Retro Remix by Dulux is all about celebrating style icons throughout the decades. It’s fun with an abundance of energy and youthfulness, ideal for kids’ bedrooms and play areas. This is your chance to experiment with colour blocking with a free license to ‘clash’! For some colour mixing inspiration check out the Broadway at Mernda Villages, the bedrooms are full of vibrancy with a diverse colour palette that just works so well!


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