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Shane Rogers

Shane starts each day early, thinking about his next home design while sipping his coffee. For over 35 years Shane has specialised in designing new homes both here and in the USA. His colleagues feel the passion for design oozing out of Shane as he talks through what makes a great family home.

Shane is focused not only on beautiful design but also on functionality and affordability, a combination he has got right in the 35,000+ homes that have been built so far in his career.

“At Carlisle we strive to provide family homes that look beautiful and are wonderful to live in. I get a real kick when a design comes together and I hear client feedback complimenting the high quality of our home designs.”

Discover Shane's Insights

CARL6938 AstoriaGrand Heroes 087 hero
Jun 8 ‘17 Shane Rogers

Luxury is Now More Affordable than Ever…

For those of you that have already commenced your home building journey and are dedicating weekends to visiting display homes, you will probably already be talking about home designs, house & land packages and available land all in terms of lot widths.

CARL SheratonGrand 151 hero
Apr 24 ‘17 Shane Rogers

Living Grand

Who doesn’t love to live life a little bit ‘grand’ sometimes? Making the most of life, enjoying time with family and friends, trying new things and visiting new places!

CARL0246 Halifax Facade 1 blog
Mar 3 ‘17 Shane Rogers

The Perfect Retreat

Nothing compares to the comforts of home and having the flexibility to adapt your home to suit your lifestyle is more important than ever.

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