Spectra Showroom Manager

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Tamara Hosken

Tamara’s depth of experience in lighting and interiors shines through to every corner of the award winning Spectra Centre showroom.

Whether she’s meeting with suppliers to view new products or updating the displays with the latest design trends, Tamara loves watching and guiding the showroom experience and is always focused on a positive client experience. 'It’s inspiring to see and hear our customer’s excitement as they choose materials and products to create the home of their dreams.'

Discover Tamara's Insights

Design Questions 1500 x 770  v2
Jul 18 ‘18 Tamara Hosken

5 Essential Design Questions That Will Have Your House Move-In Ready

At the beginning stages of building a new home, the number of choices you have to make can feel overwhelming. But we’re here to make it easy for you.

May 13 ‘15 Tamara Hosken

Floor care

New home, new maintenance regime! Start with a clean slate, pardon the pun, and plan your new home cleaning routine to suit your chosen finishes.

CARL1589 Affinity Riviera Facade hero 1
Apr 22 ‘15 Tamara Hosken

Bamboo Flooring

Affinity Riviera facade

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