13 July 2021

Wild at Heart: How to Introduce Animal-Inspired Decor into Your Home

by Carlisle Homes

Walk on the wild side! Here’s our guide to animal-inspired décor for your home.

From zebra-print fabrics to wildlife-inspired artworks, animal-themed decor never really goes out of fashion. Bringing a touch of the wild into your interior adds playfulness and glamour in a way that few other looks do. And it’s a style that’s surprisingly versatile; you’ll find bold and bright animal prints and motifs that suit more eclectic interior styles, as well as ones in soft, muted neutrals that add pattern and depth to a room, without visually overwhelming it.

So what goes with animal prints and motifs? Anything and everything. Pair this look with mirrored or metallic furniture to play up its Art Deco vibe. Opt for natural textures such as rattan and sisal to create a laid-back, nomadic feel. Or, combine it with vintage furniture and timber to produce more of a boho-chic look.

Ready to walk on the wild side? Read on to discover some of our favourite ways to introduce animal-inspired decor to your home.

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Bring your walls to life and create an eye-catching focal point with nature-inspired wallpaper or artwork. Featured here: Astoria Grand, Meridian Estate, Clyde North and Rothwell, Eliston Estate, Clyde

Add animal-print wallpaper

From zebra prints and cheetah spots to reptilian patterns, a striking animal-print wallpaper will bring your walls to life. Adding an eye-catching animal-print paper to the wall behind the bed creates a bold focal point, while bringing a sense of luxury and sophistication to your master bedroom. Discover how to add wow-factor with wallpaper here.

It works a treat in other rooms in the home too; a fabulous, overscaled underwater print in a powder room is something your guests will never forget, while a subtle snake-print wallpaper featuring touches of copper or gold in your entry sets a glamorous tone from the moment they walk through your front door.

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Establish a sophisticated playfulness! An animal-inspired look is all about natural textures that create laid-back versatility, pared with eclectic prints and sculptures. Featured here: Warwick, Rathdowne Estate, Wollert.

Lay an animal-print rug

Go wild underfoot with a cowhide rug or a rug in a striped zebra or spotted leopard print. Cowhide rugs are the ultimate jack-of-all-trades – they work equally well on tiled, timber and carpeted floors, and can be combined with other rugs of different shapes to create a casual, layered look.

A zebra or leopard print makes more of a statement, bringing a bold, graphic feel to a room. So if you’re looking to create balance, it’s best to let it be the star of the show and keep the rest of the room scheme simple.

Animal-print rugs come in a variety of colours, from neutrals to look-at-me shades of pink and orange. A neutral style, such as black, brown or grey stripes against a white base, provides a more timeless look that’s easy to pair with timber, natural fibres, whites and earth-drawn paint colours.

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Endlessly versatile underfoot! The cow-hide rug works well over tiled, timber and carpeted floors, and can be used alongside other rugs for a more layered look. Featured here: Sheraton Grand, Jubilee Estate, Wyndham Vale.

Hang wildlife artworks

From classic equestrian prints to modern wildlife photography, animal artworks draw nature inside and add a real sense of dynamism to a room. Plus, if you’re an animal lover, you’re sure to enjoy gazing upon a wildlife-inspired collection hanging on your walls.

Hang a wildlife artwork or photographic print above the bed in a guest room to add energy to the space, or opt for a series of graphic black-and-white animal prints in simple, slender frames to complement a Scandi-inspired living or family room.

If you want your artwork to blend in, choose tones that harmonise with the paint colours, wallpaper and furnishings in the rest of the room. Or make it the focus of the room by choosing a piece in rich tones that contrast with those in the surrounding decor.

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Take cues from nature to create a calm and dynamic space at home. Wildlife artworks alongside a neutral palette and touches of green are the perfect way to bring the outside in; grounding the space whilst maintaining a sophisticated edge. Featured here: Canterbury Grand, Newhaven Estate, Tarneit.

Seek out animal-patterned fabrics

Introducing a few soft furnishings in an animal print fabric is an easy way to embrace the wildlife trend without going all out – plus pieces such as cushions are easy to swap out if you want to change up the look of a room down the track. Jazz up a plain sofa with a few scatter cushions in a cheetah or zebra print fabric, or seek out bar stools with upholstered, animal-print seating. Alternatively, look to add an accent to your living room with an ottoman upholstered in a bold, animal print.

Add sheepskin and faux-fur throws

Take a tip from the Scandinavians and add warmth and softness to your living space or meals area with sheepskin or faux-fur throws. Drape them over the back of an armchair or dining chair, across the arm of a sofa or the end of a bed, or take them outside if you feel like entertaining alfresco in the cooler months (an outdoor gas fireplace or portable heater will make it cosier still!)

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Focus on the comfort-factor while adding another textural dimension to the space with a faux-fur throw. Perfect across the bed, over an armchair, or use it as your alfresco companion during the cooler months. Featured here: Clovelly, Woodlea Estate, Aintree.

Finish off with quirky accessories

Have fun with your animal-inspired theme by accessorising with a few playful pieces such as an animal-print stool, animal-shaped lamp bases, three-dimensional paper wall hangings of your favourite jungle animals, quirky displays of animal figurines, or animal-shaped wall adhesives (great for a child’s room).

And just like that, your wild side is unleashed!

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Take a walk on the wild side and introduce an assortment of earthy and animal-inspired accessories in your home.

See the latest design trends in a real home setting and get loads of decorating ideas for your own project! Visit one of Carlisle’s display homes located across Melbourne. Or, chat to us today about starting your build project on 1300 535 416.

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