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So What’s Hebel? Your Questions Answered

by Carlisle Homes

Strong, quick to install, energy-efficient and more – high-performance Hebel building products are fast taking over from traditional brick. Here’s everything you need to know.

If you’re building a home, Hebel is a product you’re sure to have come across. But what exactly is it and why do builders and architects love it so?

In a nutshell, it’s an eco-friendly building material that goes up quickly and easily, and gives you the flexibility to create a striking, modern exterior with minimal hassle and cost – just a few of the reasons why growing numbers of building experts are choosing it over traditional brick and mortar.

We believe it’s one of the smartest and most innovative products on the market, which is why we’ve made it available to select Carlisle Homes’ facades.

"As a business we’re committed to providing smart, reliable and innovative solutions to our customers. With over 25 years of experience; Hebel is an Australian-made product that we trust, and you can too." John Doulgeridis, Managing Director, Carlisle Homes

Here’s everything you need to know about building with Hebel, plus eight reasons it might be the perfect choice for your new home.

Hebel is made from raw materials and features anti-corrosion steel reinforcements for maximum strength and durability for your façade.

What is Hebel?

It’s a high-performance autoclaved aerated concrete (ACC) building system that comes in panel and block form. External walls built with Hebel are paired with an acrylic coating system, giving you the freedom to choose your own colour palette, knowing you can easily change it over time. Use colour to add personality, work with your environment or to highlight an architectural element. All these choices are possible when you build your home with Hebel external walls.

Hebel products have been manufactured in Australia by CSR, the trusted name in building products, for 25 years.

Where can I use it?

Hebel is a fantastic option for external walls. Fixed to steel or timber frames the system is extremely robust which is why we've made it available.

How does it compare with brick?

Each panel contains steel reinforcement for added strength with an anti-corrosion layer on the steel for maximum durability, Hebel is just as solid as bricks and mortar. It also gives you the look of solid masonry.

What is Hebel made from?

Sand, cement, lime and gypsum. These are combined with water and an expansion agent to produce a slurry, which is poured into moulds to create lightweight Hebel blocks and panels.

Hebel provides a great solution in terms of speed and ease of construction, which is why it is increasingly becoming the builder’s choice.

What makes Hebel so special?

1. Solid and strong

Hebel panels are high-performance solid building materials. Made from autoclaved aerated concrete (ACC) and containing steel reinforcements with an anti-corrosion layer, Hebel ensures maximum strength, durability and resilience for your home’s facade.

2. Design flexibility

You can express your personal style with a show-stopping facade using Hebel cladding. As a rendered product Hebel offers complete design freedom, there’s virtually no limit to the colours and textures you can apply to it.

Create a beautiful modern exterior with Hebel, which can be painted in a range of colours and finishes to complement the look of your new Carlisle Home - As seen here in our Newport Facade.

3. Thermal efficiency

Hebel panels are excellent insulators. They help keep your home naturally cooler in summer and warmer in winter, which can help reduce your heating and cooling costs.

4. Fast construction

They are light weight and easy to build with, allowing for faster construction times without sacrificing on quality. One Hebel panel is the equivalent of 75 traditional bricks, which means that with an experienced Hebel installer your new home can be up in as little as three days.

5. Noise reduction

A Hebel home is a quiet home; using Hebel on exterior walls reduces the transmission of outside noise, such as traffic and noisy neighbours, so you can enjoy peace and quiet.

6. Fire-resistant

Hebel building products are non-combustible and fire-resistant, making them ideal for bushfire-prone areas. They have been tested by the CSIRO and are proven to meet or exceed the requirements for all six Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) categories so you can rest easy knowing your home is safe.

7. Environmentally friendly

Hebel is an environmentally friendly choice of building material, treading lightly on this planet. Manufactured in Australia, Hebel is made using readily available raw materials. Waste generated in the manufacturing process is recycled, even down to the steam that’s produced.

8. Quality guaranteed

CSR Hebel is the only manufacturer of AAC in Australia. With over 25 years of experience in developing, testing and producing AAC you can be assured you’re getting high-quality products and systems with Hebel.

A number of our facades are available in Hebel, with no extra cost compared to brick. Explore the façade options here or call 13 27 67 to speak to one of our friendly team members.

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