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Introducing Decina Contemporary Baths

by Carlisle Homes

Transform Your Bathroom With a Show-Stopping Bath. Here’s How.

A truly relaxing bathroom starts with a beautifully designed bath. Not only will it form the focal point of the space, but it will provide the comfort you need to soothe both body and mind. 

At Carlisle, we offer a stunning selection of baths from premium supplier Decina to suit different ensuite layouts and bathing styles. This 100% Australian-owned brand has been delivering designer bathroom ware to builders and interior designers from their Queensland factory since 1989. Decina baths are made with premium sanitary-grade acrylic for superior gloss, scratch and chemical resistance, meaning they’re easy to clean and will retain their good looks for longer. Plus, they comply with stringent Australian standards, giving you ultimate peace of mind.

Read on to discover the beautiful Decina bath styles available for your new Carlisle home.

Introducing Decina Contemporary Baths body1

Enjoy spacious, luxurious soaks and outstanding reclining comfort with Carlisle’s Luxury Spa Bath. Featured here: Montague Grand Deluxe, Orana Estate, Clyde North.

Capri Bath

The ultimate all-rounder, the Capri Bath complements any interior style and bathrooms both large and small, which is why we’ve included it as standard in the main bathrooms of all our T-Range and Affinity Collection homes.

With its angled sides, this bath delivers outstanding reclining comfort so you can enjoy lengthy, luxurious soaks, plus there’s enough room for two. As it sits on a tiled island, there’s plenty of space around the bath for shampoos, soaps, candles or children’s toys. 

Carina Contour Spa Bath

For the ultimate in relaxation, consider a luxurious spa bath. The Carina Contour Spa Bath shares the same shape as the Capri Bath, but it has six Centro jets, eight mini jets and a pair of comfortable headrests so you can enjoy a blissful therapeutic massage while you bathe. There’s also a more streamlined version – the Carina Spa Bath – with eight therapeutic massage jets.

Carlisle Luxury Spa Bath

The Carlisle Luxury Spa Bath is a stunning, island-style bath that is included in the ensuites of our Affinity Collection homes. It features eight jets so you can enjoy a restful massage while you bathe, and its inset design gives you plenty of space to store bathing essentials on the tiled surround.

The Carlisle Luxury Spa Bath is big enough to accommodate two, with gently angled sides for enhanced lumbar support. 

Lago Contour Spa Bath

Give your bathroom the feel of a day spa with the Lago Contour Spa Bath. With 18 jets, extra width and dual headrests, it provides a powerful, therapeutic massage – the perfect way to unwind after a long day.  

The Lago Contour Spa Bath has a clean, minimalist look that will complement any contemporary bathroom. Its inset design means it won’t swallow up too much space in your bathroom while being easy to clean. Meanwhile, its rectangular shape and generous internal proportions give you all the space you need to indulge in luxurious soaks, wash the kids or enjoy a bath for two.

Introducing Decina Contemporary Baths body2

Timeless and contemporary features come together in a single design – the Elinea Freestanding Bath. Featured here: Clovelly, Woodlea Estate, Aintree.

Elinea Freestanding Bath

Create a contemporary, minimalist look in your ensuite with the Elinea Freestanding Bath. Its classic oval shape brings softness to your bathroom, while its pared-back lines and narrow lip add a distinctly modern edge.
The Elinea Freestanding Bath is large enough for two and provides all the comfort and support you need to enjoy long, indulgent soaks, plus it comes with adjustable, self-supporting feet.

Introducing Decina Contemporary Baths body3

Clean lines and sleek curves – the Kent Freestanding Bath is minimal and stylish, making it the perfect addition to your bathroom.

Kent Freestanding Bath

If you’re after a freestanding tub that oozes timeless elegance at a great, affordable price, you can’t go past the Kent Freestanding Bath. With a curved shape, clean lines and a slender lip, it’s guaranteed to be the star of your ensuite.
Good looks aside, the Kent Freestanding Bath also offers unparalleled bathing comfort thanks to its ergonomically designed, angled interior. It’s large enough to accommodate dual bathing and has adjustable, self-supporting feet.

Introducing Decina Contemporary Baths body4

A timeless, versatile choice for any interior. The Regent Freestanding Bath’s soft curves and oval shape guarantees elegance and comfort.

Regent Freestanding Bath

If you’re looking to add classic charm to your bathroom or ensuite, you’re sure to love the Regent Freestanding Bath. With its soft oval shape, elegant curves and gently flared base, this timeless beauty makes a great choice for homes with traditional, country or eclectic styling. It high-gloss, white finish adds to its old-world feel. 

Valentina Freestanding Bath

With its stunning, smooth curves and fashionable matt white finish, this freestanding, oval bath will instantly elevate a contemporary bathroom. Every detail has been carefully considered – for example, it even has a matching matt white pop-up plug and waste for a seamless look.

With so many indulgent options, finding your zen at the end of a long day has never been easier.

Keen to see how a stunning, contemporary bath from Decina can elevate the look of your new bathroom? Come and visit one of our display homes, which are conveniently located in different locations across Melbourne.

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