Inspire | 14 April 2022

Essential Interior Style Guide: Modern Minimalism

by Carlisle Homes

How to incorporate modish simplicity into your home.

From combining colour palettes to choosing fabric textures and experimenting with decor, Carlisle Homes provides an essential guide to creating your dream home.

Welcome to our new Interior Styles series where you can explore the different styles on offer to discover what you love! So far, we’ve explored the ultimate look of luxury, the art of sophisticated spaces and fresh-coastal looks. This week, we cast a light on clean, modern styles that celebrate simplicity and prioritise functionality and utility above all else.

Let this inspiration guide you when you visit our showroom or when you log on to the Spectra Online tool, where you can browse a wide selection of products, finishes and fixtures and save your favourites to show family and friends.

It is the modish, minimal nature of these styles that makes them so desirable and easy to implement in your home! The pared-back approach of these interiors has become increasingly common over time due to their ability to keep calm, cool composure whilst simultaneously creating that warm inviting feel essential to any home. These styles are simple by nature and implore the use of nature-inspired features that bring a grounded vibrance to your home. These modern and minimal styles introduce texture and soft hues to establish a sleek atmosphere from space to space.

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Australian Living takes design cues from the Australian lifestyle, climate and beautiful flora and fauna, celebrating free-flowing, open space, alongside rustic accents.

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New Country utilises a neutral colour palette, cup cabinetry handles and contemporary artworks to create a casual and relaxed atmosphere.

These modern styles harness clean lines and simple furnishings. Maximising indoor-outdoor flow, they celebrate open spaces and embrace natural materials like warm timber and textured fabrics. From New Country to Scandi Living, these sleek styles are all about creating the ultimate laid-back feel to suit the Australian lifestyle.

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Scandi Living exemplifies simplicity and purity through the use of soft grey shades, warm undertones and blonde timbers.

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The cosy atmosphere of Winter Living is encapsulated by calm hues, accents of dark timber tones and textured upholstery fabrics.

Choosing an interior style and looking for more inspiration? Head over to the Inspire section of the Home Files for our latest how-to guides and trend stories. You can also browse our entire collection of interior styles here.

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