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Check the mood with statement floor lamps

by Carlisle Homes

There are a few basic rules you may wish to take into account before you choose a floor lamp that well be the statement piece in your home. The main decision will be around functionality – are you after general or task lighting which will serve a purpose, or accent lighting to create ambience. Perhaps incorporate the lot and you will have the ultimate decorative lighting situation sorted.

Practically a Decoration
Decorative lighting is all about creating a mood, a style and an ambience. The lamp may blend seamlessly into the décor or, you could go all out and make the lamp the talking point of the room, even though its function serves very little purpose other than creating a striking space for your signature piece to be show cased in.


Images found at (left) Viera on display at Williams Landing Estate, Williams Landing (middle) and (right) Radison on display at Aston Estate, Craigieburn

Modern Minimalist
There is a reason why people say less is more. If your home is embracing the international Nordic minimalist trend, then these feature lamps are on the pulse. A good wattage bulb, used for functional light, is all you will need to transform your room into a gallery. Find some artwork and aim the light away from the painting while illuminating the piece’s major features. No doubt about it you, will feel like you are in a cosy gallery every night.


Images found at (left) Carlisle Inspire Gallery (middle) (right)

Old School Ambience
If you are wanting to bring old world charm into your home, then choose a lamp that reflects the era, a great example of this is the Tiffany lamp. In order to make a space charming, and not too bright, a softer bulb wattage is needed to help create this timeless look. Once again, strategically placing a lamp in an area where the illumination of the light enhances a chosen feature will add extra dimension to your room.


Images found at (left) (middle) (right)

Futuristic Funk
Say no more, if it is statement floor lamps you are after, then these pieces simple speak volumes. Each one has a unique design and may not be overly practical but when combined with cool art work, a statement chair or textured feature wall, your space will have an out-of-this-world wow factor going on.

Images found at (left) (middle) (right) (far right)

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