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Available facades (10)
  • CARL0207 Astra 10 v2.5M Bombay thumb
  • CARL0351 Bayview 19 Astra H 10 v2.5M Bombay thumb
    Astra (Hebel)
  • CARL0351 Bayview 19 Harcourt H 10 v2.5M Naples thumb
    Harcourt (Hebel)
  • CARL0351 Bayview 19 Hillcroft B 10.5M Hampton thumb
  • CARL0351 Bayview 19 Hillcroft H 10.5M Manchester thumb
    Hillcroft (Hebel)
  • CARL0351 Bayview 19 Montana H 10.5M Hampton thumb
    Montana (Hebel)
  • CARL0351 Bayview 19 Riviera B 10.5M Manchester thumb
  • CARL0351 Bayview 19 Riviera H 10 v2.5M San Pedro thumb
    Riviera (Hebel)
  • CARL0351 Bayview 19 Sierra B 10.5M Naples thumb
  • CARL0351 Bayview 19 Sierra H 10.5M Prague thumb
    Sierra (Hebel)
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CARL7198_Astra_10.5M_Brick_Bombay.jpg Astra-10.5-Hampton-new.png

Disclaimer: Images are representative of a 14m block width

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wrong-render-CARL7198_Astra_10.5M_Hebel_Bombay.jpg 0040_CARL0351_Bayview-19_Astra-H_10.5M_Hampton.jpg
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Harcourt-H_10.5M_Hebel_Bombay.jpg Harcourt-H_10.5M_Hampton.jpg
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CARL7198_Bayview-19_Hillcroft-B_10.5M_Brick_Bombay.jpg Hillcroft-10.5-hampton-new.png
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CARL0351_Bayview-19_Hillcroft-H_10-v2.5M_Hebel_Bombay.jpg hillcroft-hebel-10.5-hampton.png
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0028_CARL0351_Bayview-19_Montana-H_10.5M_Hampton.jpg CARL0351_Bayview-19_Montana-H_10.5M_Hebel_Bombay.jpg
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CARL7198_Bayview-19_Riviera-B_10.5M_Brick_Bombay.jpg Riviera-brick-10-v2.5-hampton-new.png
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CARL0351_Bayview-19_Riviera-H_10.5M_Hebel_Bombay.jpg 0016_CARL0351_Bayview-19_Riviera-H_10.5M_Hampton.jpg
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CARL7198_Bayview-19_Sierra-B_10.5M_Brick_Bombay.jpg sierra-10-v2.5-hampton-new.png
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CARL0351_Bayview-19_Sierra-H_10.5M_Hebel_Bombay.jpg 0004_CARL0351_Bayview-19_Sierra-H_10.5M_Hampton.jpg
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Excellent quality and customer service

Our Journey with Carlisle Homes in building our dream home has been extremely wonderful. From the beginning, our Client Liaison Executive was cooperative and precise with her work. Then, it was such a pleasure to know our site manager - he ensured that the Carlisle quality was maintained and advised us on progress every week. Overall Carlisle has really made our build such a wonderful and pleasant experience.


Piermont 26

Great experience!

The staff was very friendly and professional all the way through the building process. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the house was built and we didn't have any hidden costs like many other builders. The building process went smooth and the site supervisor kept us updated all the time. We are really happy with the end result! The quality of materials and work is great. Would highly recommend Carlisle to anyone!


Macan 22

Positive experience with a reliable builder

Our experience with Carlisle is very positive so far. The moment we stepped into their display home, we knew it was the perfect house design for us, that was also within our budget. We are thankful for the team and support assigned to us - they're very patient in answering all our questions. Overall, the team from Carlisle delivers well and we are grateful that this experience has been very good and smooth for us.


Rutherford 33

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