What do you imagine your dream home to be? Are you in love with airy Mediterranean villas, opulent French chateaus, or the simple lines of Scandinavian homes? You now have the freedom to design your dream home with all the modern trappings and luxurious amenities you want. If you would like to expand on your interior design ideas, you can get inspiration by visiting one of our dream homes in Australia. You can then test your ideas on our Visualiser tool to see what works and what does not.

Interior inspirations

It takes a lot of tweaking and testing to get the interior design right. In the past, it cost money to get it right because you had to buy stuff, place it in a room and if it didn’t fit, repeat the process. We have saved you this agony with technology interventions;

You can tour our display homes on a virtual tour to see what works in a dream home like the one you have in mind. Go to the Virtual Tours section, choose an area where you would want to have your house, choose a house, and start your virtual tour.


After getting a good idea of what your interiors will look like, it is time to try them out. Pick a house design from our collection and start tweaking room by room. You will see your ideas come to life, and see whether they look as good as you had imagined them.

Styles to try

We make it easier to by giving you starter interior styles that you can tweak;

  • Australian living – Take a cue from Australia’s rich landscapes, to create a style that connects with the land
  • Contemporary Scandinavian – This style is big on simple, pure clean lines for a sense of tranquillity
  • Gatsby living – This is a throwback to the 20s when gold, grey and black ruled interiors, and art deco was the in-thing
  • Moody Noir – This is another throwback, to the 40s with rich layered textiles to create a feeling of romance and luxury
  • Shanghai living – If you love things oriental, you will love this luxurious style with a mix of the classical and contemporary
  • Modern Mediterranean – This style is inspired by the simple and romantic living of Southern Europe
  • French Chateau – This is a style for unbridled opulence and sophistication living the life of a royal

There are plenty more interior styles you can try until your interior design ideas fit what you want.

What does your dream home look like inside? Try our Visualiser tool today and start building it today.

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