Inspire | 6 November 2015

The Home Styling Hack!

by Carlisle Homes

Admit it, we all love a bargain! Especially when we get asked ‘where did you get that fantastic…’ and we smile smugly into our latte, reflecting on our last covert mission to the local discount shop and the DIY workshop to follow.

The new buzz in interiors is The Style Hack which we like to define as ‘resourceful accessorising’ at Carlisle! There are even forums and websites devoted to the Kmart or Ikea ‘hack’. There are no boundaries and you’d be surprised at who has (secretly) implemented some clever style hacks in their home…

Now, we are going to let you into the deep dark vault of resourceful accessorising in the Carlisle world of display styling, as Danielle Taylor (Interior Design Manager) reveals her hack secrets. (cue - lowering of the cone of silence…)

The Practical Hack

This styling trick is all about converting low cost purchases into practical applications for everyday life. Your innovative eye is required to spot items to be used completely different from their intended function and calls for resourcefulness at its best!

CARL Matisse 026

Spot the hack: In the Matisse, Master Ensuite as displayed at Jubilee Estate, Wyndham Vale, we have added a round white bedside table to create a solid top which is easy to clean and holds bathroom accessories nicely!

SacramentoAuroraEstateWollert body

Spot the hack: Here’s a twist, we’ve used pieces of wall art and large indoor plants to add definition to the neutral coloured living zone of the Sacramento.

The Decorative Hack

Traditional artwork, say paintings and photographs, are great but nothing beats the impact of a unique artwork piece, wall hanging or feature, created from an everyday bargain find. Great because you have applied some DIY skills, great because it can be one of a kind and great because if you end up hating it, you can throw it out with a clean conscience!

CARL2520 Montpellier 7992 v2

Spot the hack: Embroidery hoops from Spotlight mounted on the wall has created a fresh and simple style theme for Entry as displayed at Berwick Waters Estate, Clyde North.

The Vintage Hack

Some style gurus have turned ‘op shopping’ into a fine art and can sniff out a garage sale from a few blocks away. If you can turn on this creative gene, then do it, because you are sure to come across some pre-loved gems and decorative style statements. The key to this style hunt is that if you love it just get it, you will come up with some ideas and applications at a later stage!

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