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Styling Masterclass: Set Up a Serene, Nordic-Style Study

by Carlisle Homes

Create the perfect work-from-home space with a Nordic-style study.

It’s no secret that a well-designed workspace can make us happier and more productive, so if you plan on spending more time working from home, it’s high time to show your study some love.

To create a calm, cosy and uplifting feel in the study of your new Carlisle home, a Nordic-style decorating theme is hard to beat. Learn how to create the look in our step-by-step video below or follow these practical tips from our expert interior designers.

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Get the Nordic look inside your study with this step-by-step guide.

Why a Nordic theme?

Scandi-inspired decor is linked to wellbeing and happiness – spaces are bright, open and inviting, which in turn lifts our mood and reduces stress levels. It’s the ideal look for a room where you want to feel productive and focused.  

A Nordic-style study typically features earthy pigments, simple styling and lashings of natural light (which is far better for your mental health than artificial light). Clutter is kept at bay with generous, open shelving, while indoors plants and wooden furniture create a connection with the natural world and help foster a sense of calm.

Consider the layout

When choosing furniture, the first step is to consider the space it’s going into. Too big and it will make the room feel cramped, too small and it will get lost in the space. Placement is also important; you’ll also want to position furniture in such a way that it doesn’t obstruct doorways or movement through the space.

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Opt for a slim frame desk and sculptural shelving to maximise space and keep clutter at bay. Featured here: Scarborough Grand 40, Smiths Lane Estate, Clyde North.

This study in our Scarborough Grand 40 at Smiths Lane is square in shape and fairly compact. As such, our interior designers selected a compact, slender desk that provides sufficient workspace to pop a laptop and spread out, without swallowing up too much space in the room. The desk’s open legs provide a view through to the rear wall, which maximises the sense of space.  

The desk has been paired with a leather desk chair with a similarly slim frame in the same warm tone, creating a sense of cohesion.

Our designers then added a compact, yet supremely comfortable, armchair to provide somewhere to sit and take calls or for visitors to relax.

Sculptural open shelving in fine white metal runs the full length of one wall, providing ample storage for books, files and display items, without encroaching on precious floor space or visually overwhelming the room. 

To create a warm and welcoming feel, the desk has been set up so that it faces the doorway and receives plenty of light from a generous window beside it.

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Cheery tones and natural light are essential, along with sumptuous textures to add warmth and interest to the space. Featured here: Scarborough Grand 40, Smiths Lane Estate, Clyde North.

Keep the look bright

Uplifting tones and natural light are crucial ingredients in Scandinavian interiors, and they’re key to making your study feel open and roomy. Think light, earthy tones on the walls and upholstery, combined with white on your shelving and wall trims.  

Gently filter the light and make the ceilings feel even higher by opting for sheer linen curtains at the windows, as our designers did here.  

A cleverly positioned mirror, such as the one placed behind this desk, bounces light around further and visually enhances the sense of space.

Timber flooring is a classic Scandi feature and here it naturally extends from the home’s entryway to the study, making the entire space feel bigger. A simple, patterned rug in monochromatic tones defines the study zone and adds a sumptuous feel underfoot.

Add texture

Texture is an interior designer’s secret weapon, bringing warmth and interest to a space, and preventing an otherwise minimalist look from feeling cold. 

In this Nordic-style study, our designers have mixed a medley of different textures to add a sense of tactility to the scheme – linen curtains, wooden furniture, matt ceramics, ribbed glass vessels, steel shelving and leather upholstery. The result is a characterful space with a sense of depth.

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Display treasured photographs on open shelves or create one or two interesting vignettes consisting of simple, sculptural ceramics, a stack of books and some fresh flowers. 

Bring in personal touches

To make working from home more enjoyable, look to personalise your study with a few pieces that have meaning to you. Display treasured photographs on open shelves or create one or two interesting vignettes consisting of simple, sculptural ceramics, a stack of books and some fresh flowers. Hang artworks on the wall in tones that tie in with the rest of your style, or casually prop smaller artworks on shelves.

Follow these simple steps to create a tranquil and inspiring Nordic-style study in your new Carlisle home – and prepare to wow colleagues on your next Zoom call!

Visit the Scarborough Grand 40 at Smiths Lane in Melbourne’s south east and see the study for yourself. And, if you’re a fan of the minimalist, Scandi style, get to know our new Nordic Look and discover tips and tricks to introduce this theme into your home, here.

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