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Scandinavian beauty…

by Carlisle Homes

For most of us, Ikea comes to mind first when thinking of Scandinavian style!
This emerging contemporary decorating theme actually takes its inspiration from combining elements of nature, originating in countries where the daylight hours are short and natural light needs to be maximised.

Contemporary Scandinavian style embodies simplicity, purity and elegance with a focus on function with a warm ‘homey’ feel. Experience this popular theme with a visit to the Cambridge display home at the Atherstone Estate in Melton South, and feel the sense of calmness as soon as you take your first step inside.

Carlisle Homes Interior Design Manager, Danielle Taylor, provides some decorating hints to capture this cool and fresh style in your home;

Incorporating timber features

The signature of the Scandinavian style is definitely the use of natural light timber features throughout. Using stunning blonde timber floors as the base, featured in the Cambridge at the Atherstone Estate, and complimenting with simple uncomplicated timber furniture creates a warmth while promoting a light and bright feel. Accessorise with wooden cutting boards in the kitchen and elegant wooden sculptures in family rooms to complete the look.

ResizedImage600337 SetWidth870 Cambridge 26 Living 081 Atherstone

Cool colour palette

Scandinavian style colour schemes include soft shades of greys and off whites, contrasted by darker hues of charcoal with sofas and soft furnishings to create an overall coolness throughout. Combining these tranquil palettes with warm blonde timbers complete the iconic Nordic style.

ResizedImage600337 SetWidth870 Cambridge 26 Theatre 056 Atherstone

Clean lines

A key feature of re-creating a Contemporary Scandinavian style is maintaining an overall de-cluttered look with clever use of storage boxes and considered selection of accessories. Sheer curtains and feature mirrors further compliment the clean fresh look and enhance natural light.

ResizedImage600337 SetWidth870 Cambridge 26 Bedroom 098 Atherstone

Add warmth

Fireplaces integrate with the Scandinavian style perfectly adding a lovely warm ambience to the lounge room or even outdoor area, as featured in the Cambridge at the Athertone Estate. The different available textures of the fireplace surrounds, size variations and colour schemes means there is a product to suit most home styles from contemporary to classic or modern. You can try out some of our feature fireplaces with a visit to our Spectra showroom to find the perfect look for your home style.

ResizedImage600337 SetWidth870 Cambridge 26 Alfresco 026 Atherstone G

Keep it natural

Most of the replica Scandinavian furniture you see these days is made from reclaimed and recycled timbers, which can take pride of place in this inspired theme. Replica furniture pieces such as coffee tables, armchairs and side tables, can be purchased at retailers like Matt Blatt, Great Dane, or Curious Grace. For a greater challenge you could rummage through vintage markets or antique auction houses to find that special something from this Scandinavian inspired style.

In the master bedroom in the Cambridge, we've introduced the classic Scandinavian Nordic night tables pared back with a simple shade of grey upholstered headboard. Whilst the Armadillo & Co Marigold rug in a hemp fibre adds texture and depth to this master bedroom, the use of layering in cushions, linen and knitted throws create quite a romantic and sophisticated mood.

ResizedImage600337 SetWidth870 Cambridge 26 Master Suite 033 Atherstone2

Creating a Scandinavian inspired theme in your home doesn’t have to mean a big budget. Investing time into research to carefully choose key furniture pieces and accessories will help bring the theme together. Creating a moodboard with all the elements you love about this theme is a great place to start and can help you to create your personalised look.

For some more Contemporary Scandinavian styling ideas and inspiring images, check out the Houzz Ideabook Decorating Around the World: Scandinavian Style.

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