2 March 2022


by Elle

Consider function

The first step when planning a multi-purpose room is to consider the layout and what activities you want it to be used for.

The lounge/study in our Scarborough Grand 40 display home is large and connects to the bedrooms. As well as being somewhere for the kids to relax and hang out with their friends, it also needs to foster a sense of calm when it comes to study time.

Our designers have created separate zones for the lounge and study areas, positioning them away from the thoroughfare so that people can move comfortably through to the bedrooms.

The furniture you introduce should suit the room’s functions. Our designers have added a generous L-shaped sofa with deep seats in front of the television to create a comfortable spot for movie nights, and a space-saving, built-in desk at the rear of the room for homework time.

Screen Shot 2022 03 01 at 3.48.18 pm

Make the most of your space! A multifunctional open-plan activity room can act as a casual lounge and study area. Featured here: Scarborough Grand, Smiths Lane Estate, Clyde North


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