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Kitchen Stools

by Carlisle Homes

Who would have thought there was so much to think about when buying kitchen stools!

As we head towards becoming an express society, with everything bite size, quick and on-the-go, your kitchen stools could actually be the most used furniture pieces in your home, even more so than your dining table. And, these are investment pieces, don’t make the decision lightly!

So, with this in mind we have our top 5 elements to explore before you make your decision.

CARL606896 Sacramento31 Heroes 025 blog

Sacramento Kitchen as displayed at Minta Estate, Berwick


It’s important to ask yourself how you see this kitchen space being used to determine what height, material and shape your kitchen stools should be. If you have children to consider, then this will affect your purchase, think stability, washability and accessibility! Kitchen stools with a back support are the best solution for children to not only stop accidental backflips but also to encourage kids to sit up straight. Check out options with half backs or with a curved seat to hold wriggly bodies. Another consideration is the space you have to arrange your new kitchen stools. Narrow walk ways work best with kitchen stools that can tuck under the bench, with areas that have room to spread out you have the flexibility to explore larger form pieces.

TIP: Don’t assume that the more you pay the more comfortable the kitchen stool will be, in fact quite often it is the exact opposite.

Kitchen v7 blog 1

Kensington Grand Kitchen as displayed at Botanical, Mickleham

Statement or supporting act?

Have you designed an understated kitchen with clean lines, subtle colours and features? Then maybe your kitchen stools can become the star of the show to create a real design statement? This could be achieved by choosing a prominent shaped high back piece, or a bold colour, or even mixing and matching styles for an eclectic look. Backless kitchen stools that can tuck under the bench in either the same materials or tones as the other kitchen elements or choose the safe option in metal, support more elaborately styled kitchens.

TIP: If three stools creates the right look in your kitchen, go with it! But buy four, and tuck one away to bring out when friends drop over.

Coventry Kitchen blog

Coventry Kitchen as displayed at Highlands, Craigieburn


Deciding whether to go with wood, metallic, plastic or upholstered kitchen stools comes down to creating the right balance in your kitchen space. In style is the art of contrasting, so timber stools with a white kitchen, but be clever and create a style link to something else in this space, maybe the dining or coffee table nearby.

TIP: If you are leaning towards an upholstered stool and have found the right style but not the right fabric, it is pretty easy to have it re-furbished for your individual style.

CARL606896 CanterburyGrand Heroes 076 blog

Canterbury Grand Kitchen as displayed at Minta Estate, Berwick


Make sure you pack the measuring tape when you hit the shops, to be sure your kitchen stool can not only fit under your bench but can also comfortably fit legs of different shapes and sizes! Kitchen stools generally have a 30” seat height but don’t be confused with bar stools which can be taller.

TIP: Some stores will let you buy one chair and take it home to try and return it the next day for full return, to check if the style and height works in your home.

CARL0652 Portland Heroes 072 kitchen blog

Portland Kitchen as displayed at Cloverton Estate, Kalkallo

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