Inspire | 9 March 2021

Inspire Your Creativity with a Contemporary Home Office

by Carlisle Homes

Our step by step guide: A home office that allows you to feel focused and inspired has never been more important. Add style, personality and comfort – here’s how to create your very own work-from-home-haven.

Working from home is the new norm – create a space that inspires creativity and lets you get down to business with these simple and achievable styling tips from our expert interior designers.

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Add personality with books and decor pieces

Inject life into your workspace by styling your bookshelves with books, ceramics and interesting decor pieces that tell a story. To create a calm energy, choose ceramics with curved, organic lines in different shades and sizes. Our stylist sourced pieces from Modern Times and Bloomingville.

The key to styling success is not over-filling shelves – otherwise they can look cluttered. Stack books horizontally or vertically, layer objects, and allow plenty of breathing space around your arrangements.

Liven up your walls with artwork or a framed print or two, like this piece: ‘Gold Earrings’ by Stacey Rees from Modern Times. For an on-trend wall arrangement, consider adding a beautiful woven wall hanging to the mix.

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Banish clutter and make sure each item has a purpose. To create a calm energy, choose objects and furniture with curved, organic lines in different shades and sizes.

Include natural textures and serene colours

Glass, ceramics and natural woven materials will add warmth to your workspace and help soften the room’s hard edges. And don’t be afraid to introduce the odd piece from another room – a cosy rug from the guest room (we used the Adele Circle Rug from Globewest), an artwork that normally lives in a living area – as you’ll find it creates a more personal, lived-in feel.

When it comes to colours for your workspace, soft neutrals or a simple monochromatic scheme will create an open and inviting aesthetic without clamouring for your attention. If you’re itching to add a little colour, consider a brightly coloured desk chair, an upholstered pinboard or funky desk accessories.

Comfort and light

A quality desk chair is a must if you’re working from home – not only does it allow you to sit comfortably for long periods, but it adds a professional feel to your workspace. Choose one that’s comfortable and supportive, in a statement fabric that complements your room scheme, featured here is the Scoop High Chair by Tom Dixon – available at Living Edge.

Good lighting is just as important. A desk lamp with an adjustable arm allows you to direct light where you need it, and by opting for an interesting material such as aged brass you’ll add another layer of decorative interest to the scheme. If desk space is tight, you might consider a wall-mounted lamp. Featured here is the Modernist Table Lamp by DOMO.

2 HomeOfficeStyling 1600x1160

Good lighting affects the ambience of your space. A desk lamp with an adjustable arm allows you to direct light where you need to, giving you the freedom to change the feeling of the room as you desire.

Banish clutter

A clear work surface helps you stay focused. Promote order and calm with stylish pen and document holders, and an assortment of baskets and folders for paperwork and smaller bits and pieces. If you need additional storage, add a discreet filing cabinet or chest of drawers under your desk.

Add a vignette

An eye-catching vignette will provide a calming focal point for you to enjoy from your desk – and ensures your office is camera-ready for your next video call.

Prop a print or artwork on a clear surface where it’s in view of your desk, and pair it with sculptural accessories in varying heights, textures and tones (styling tip: odd numbers work best). Introduce a natural touch to the arrangement with a low-maintenance plant or an arrangement of fresh flowers.

Stay tuned to the Home Files for more episodes in our Style with Carlisle Series or check out our Inspire Gallery for more interior inspiration.

Interior Styling by Aneta Schultz
Videography by Rubin Utama
Still photography by Richard Burne

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