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Four Curated Exterior Colour Schemes to Create Your Dream Hamptons Home

by Carlisle Homes

We’ve teamed up with the experts from Dulux® and Monier to share how to add timeless elegance to your home’s facade with four exclusive Hamptons exterior schemes.

Soft coastal colours, relaxed styling and airy, light-filled rooms – step inside a Hamptons-style home and you’re instantly transported to thoughts of glamorous summer houses and lazy days spent by the beach. It’s a sophisticated look that never goes out of style and while its roots lie in America’s Long Island, it’s the perfect fit for an Australian lifestyle. “The Hamptons look is very versatile and suits many styles of homes, in particular rendered and weatherboard ones,” says Andrea Lucena-Orr, Dulux® Colour & Communications Manager.

Choose coastal colours

To give your home’s facade a Hamptons feel, start by selecting soft coastal paint colours. “Think mid-tone grey, beige, greige, soft blue-grey or green-grey, paired with crisp white on the fascia, windows, doors, fretwork and any other smaller features,” says Lucena-Orr.

“Simplicity is key – look to limit your palette to no more than two to three colours.”

Matisse home with Halifax façade. Walls in Dulux® Dieskau with trims in Dulux® Snowy Mountains Half and Roofing in Monier Urban Shingle terracotta tiles with A-line ridge in Peak (or get this look for less with Monier Horizon concrete tiles in Barramundi).

Add stylish tiles

The roof of your home is an important feature to get right when creating a Hamptons aesthetic as it acts to ‘frame’ the facade. Roof tiles in materials such as terracotta and concrete are a great choice as they come in a wide range of colours and profiles, plus they’re durable and will look stunning. For a classic Hamptons look, consider tiles in pale-grey or greige. Or, add a contemporary edge by pairing the soft paint colours on your facade with roof tiles in a rich, contrasting shade of charcoal.

Monier Roofing offers a selection of great-looking, high-quality roof tiles to complement your Hamptons exterior. To create a warm, rustic aesthetic, consider Monier’s beautiful, premium handcrafted Terracotta tiles with colours that are glazed onto the tile and will last a lifetime. They come in a variety of colours inspired by the Australian landscape and three different profiles, including classic decorative profiles and sleek, contemporary ones, so you can create a unique look.

Astoria Grand home with Esperance façade. Rendered walls on the ground floor in Dulux® Tranquil Retreat and first floor walls in Dulux Lexicon® Half. Trims in Dulux Terrace White and roofing in Monier Horizon concrete tiles with A-line ridge in Sambuca (or upgrade to premium Monier Urban Shingle terracotta tiles in Titan).

Or, create a statement look with Monier’s hardwearing standard Concrete roof tiles, which include C-LOC technology. Atura concrete tiles evoke the charm and natural beauty of hand-split timber shakes, while the brand’s Horizon tiles deliver a super-flat, streamlined look and can be combined with a sleek A-Line Ridge for modern Hamptons-style homes.

Granada Grand home with Newington façade. Walls in Dulux® Water Worm, trims in Dulux Lexicon® and roofing in Monier Horizon concrete tiles with lapped ridge in Camelot (for a luxe look, upgrade to Monier Urban Shingle terracotta tiles in Peak).

Introduce decorative lighting

A pair of beautiful sconces or outdoor lanterns either side of the front door and subtle uplights along the garden path create a warm welcome for guests, and adds interest to your Hamptons exterior. Choose styles in materials such as brushed steel, brass or wrought iron with a matt finish, and fit them with lightbulbs that emit a soft light to reinforce your home’s casual and inviting vibe.

Finish off with graceful greenery

Complete your Hamptons exterior with classic blooms such as magnolias, star jasmine and wisteria around the front yard. A pair of white-washed timber planters makes an appealing addition to your front entry and are ideal for growing small fruit trees and vines, which look stunning with this look.

Montpellier home with Newport façade. Walls in Dulux® White Exchange Half, trims in Dulux® Winter Fog and roofing in Monier Atura concrete tiles with lapped ridge in Caraway (create a more opulent look with Monier Urban Shingle terracotta tiles in Ravine or for a mid-range option, consider Monier Horizon concrete tiles in Caraway).

See the enduring appeal of Hamptons styling for yourself (and pick up loads of great interior and exterior decorating ideas) at selected Carlisle Homes abodes.

And for more inspiration on how to achieve a Hamptons theme within the home visit our blog - Live a Luxurious Hamptons Life.

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