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Create a Nordic Style Dining Room

by Carlisle Homes

Create a warm and inviting dining room with a Nordic flare.

The key criteria of a dining room is to create a comfortable and welcoming space for family and guests to enjoy food and company alike. A Nordic interior style fits the brief perfectly. With a minimal design, a gentle colour palette and an overall nurturing atmosphere, a Nordic Dining room covers all bases when it comes to creating an inviting communal space.

Feast your eyes below to discover how to bring a Scandinavian flare to your dining area.

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Create a Warm and Inviting Dining Room with a Nordic Flare

Foundations, Floors & Walls

First, let’s explore fundamentals. If you are building a new home, think about your ideal dining room. Do you envision a round table or a long one? The shape of the room is going to dictate the table setup – so have a plan at the ready.

It is also wise to consider the interior feeling you want to create for family and guests. Light, neutral wall finishes and curtains are helpful here, as they make the space feel taller, brighter and all the more inviting.

In true Nordic fashion, timber flooring also dials up all the warmth of the room while remaining on-theme.

Discover a guide to flooring here.

The First Furnishings

A tip for dining room décor: go from the ground up. By this we mean start from the floor when making your furniture selections. A textured rug is a dining table’s best friend, and also prevents any clashing with the timber flooring.

Now’s time to introduce the main character: the dining table. For a warm, communal Nordic experience, think ‘soft’ and round’. A round table that can resemble the flooring ties the space together. For the chairs, pull up ones that are curvaceous in shape that have legs to match the table finish. Being cohesive goes a long way.

If you want to go the extra mile and anchor it all down, then a decorative pendant light does wonders.

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From the floor up, ensure every element work together to create a cohesive space.

Sideboards & Décor

Nothing says Nordic like its signature decorative style. A neutral palette with supple organic shapes really add to the serene feel of the space.

Sideboards that stand tall on long tapered legs make a fantastic focal point – and its storage is a huge bonus. Execute this perfectly by creating an ensemble, with decorative pieces perching on the surface and a large piece of art to balance it out.

When selecting art, a good rule of thumb is to select artworks with a warm tonal palette while ensuring it’s no wider than the sideboard. 

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A sideboard is the perfect decorative piece in the dining space, while providing ample storage.


Tableware is a defining element of a dining room. To maintain a sense of harmony in the space, it all needs to coincide with a soft and neutral palette…  it needs to be Nordic.

With a ‘mix-n-match’ mindset, layer different types of flatware and napery without veering off-theme. Remember: the soft and curved story can continue with the tableware.

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Now that you have nurtured your creative eye, you are ready create and style the most enticing Nordic dining room.

Stay tuned to the Home Files for more episodes in our Style with Carlisle Series. You can explore our step-by-step style guides here or check out The Home Files Inspire for more interior inspiration.

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