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  • CARL0371 Bentley Englewood27 Prague v2
    Bentley (Hebel)
  • CARL0371 Cheval Englewood27 Hampton
    Cheval (Hebel)
  • CARL0371 Grandview Englewood27 Naples thumb
    Grandview (Hebel)
  • 0033 CARL0371 Jamison Englewood27 Manchester
    Jamison (Hebel)
  • CARL0371 Langley Englewood27 SanPedro
    Langley (Hebel)
  • CARL0371 Regency Englewood27 Prague
    Regency (Hebel)
  • CARL0371 Regis Englewood27 Bombay thumb
  • CARL0371 Sherwood H Englewood27 Prague
    Sherwood (Hebel)
  • CARL0371 Sherwood B Englewood27 Manchester thumb
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CARL0371_Bentley_Englewood27_Bombay.jpg CARL0371_Bentley_Englewood27_Hampton.jpg

Disclaimer: Images are representative of a 12.5m block width

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CARL0371_Cheval_Englewood27_Bombay.jpg CARL0371_Cheval_Englewood27_Hampton-v2.jpg
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0040_CARL0371_Grandview_Englewood27_Bombay.jpg 0039_CARL0371_Grandview_Englewood27_Hampton.jpg
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CARL0371_Jamison_Englewood27_Bombay.jpg CARL0371_Jamison_Englewood27_Hampton-v2.jpg
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CARL0371_Langley_Englewood27_Bombay-v2.jpg CARL0371_Langley_Englewood27_Hampton.jpg
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CARL0371_Regency_Englewood27_Bombay-v2.jpg CARL0371_Regency_Englewood27_Hampton.jpg
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0017_CARL0371_Regis_Englewood27_Bombay-v3.jpg 0016_CARL0371_Regis_Englewood27_Hampton-v2.jpg
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CARL0371_Sherwood-H_Englewood27_Bombay.jpg CARL0371_Sherwood-H_Englewood27_Hampton.jpg
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0011_CARL0371_Sherwood-B_Englewood27_Bombay-v2.jpg 0010_CARL0371_Sherwood-B_Englewood27_Hampton-v2.jpg
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Lot 1039 Exford Waters, Weir Views Block Size 350m²
Stop renting and pay only $344/week
Fixed Price $550,600

*Pricing based on Developer supplied engineering plans & Plan of Subdivision; Carlisle standard floor plan with preferred siting (without alterations), Carlisle's recommended Building Surveyor & residential zoning at the package date. A site cost refund may be applicable to clients (to be deducted from the Slab Claim) for unused piering, screw piles or deepened edge beams who provide a Lvl 1 Compaction report, (only if accepted by Carlisle's Engineers). Confirm land prices and availability prior to purchase. Community Infrastructure Levy & Asset Protection not included in pricing & to be arranged directly by client with developer, (where applicable). Subject to developer & council approval. Package Price does not include any costs associated with Developer's Corner Facade treatment requirements (which will be priced by Carlisle Homes by way of Post Contract Variation), stamp duty, government, legal or bank charges. Alterations made may incur additional charges. Carlisle reserves the right to withdraw or amend pricing, inclusions and promo without notice.© 2019 CARLISLE HOMES PTY LTD. ^See www.carlislehomes.com.au/disclaimer/ for Terms & Conditions. Carlisle Homes Pty LTD, ABN 86 105 263 209. Company Registration Number CDB-U 50143.

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