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Discover your dream home with Carlisle Homes' display homes for sale in Melbourne's most popular estates. Our collection showcases a wide variety of architecturally impressive designs that embody modern design, liveability, and premium features. Explore our range of Melbourne display homes for sale, available across all three of our ranges, and find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

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Showing 6 display homes of 6 for sale
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Halifax (Hebel) Facade
  • 4
  • 2
  • 2
43 Memory Crescent, Jubilee Estate, Wyndham Vale, 3024 Block Size 504m²
Price range $950,000 - $995,000
Riviera (Hebel) Facade
  • 4
  • 2
  • 2
47 Memory Crescent, Jubilee Estate, Wyndham Vale, 3024 Block Size 512m²
Price range $820,000 - $890,000
Marquis 2 Facade
  • 4
  • 4
  • 2
45 Memory Crescent, Jubilee Estate, Wyndham Vale, 3024 Block Size 448m²
Price range $1,190,000 - $1,270,000
Breeze Facade
  • 4
  • 2
  • 2
49 Memory Crescent, Jubilee Estate, Wyndham Vale, 3024 Block Size 448m²
Price range $1,080,000 - $1,150,000
Harcourt Facade
  • 4
  • 2
  • 2
12 Irvine Rise, Harpley Estate, Werribee, 3030 Block Size 512m²
Price range $870,000 - $920,000
Jamison (Hebel) Facade
  • 4
  • 2
  • 2
14 Irvine Rise, Harpley Estate, Werribee, 3030 Block Size 448m²
Price range $1,090,000 - $1,150,000

Benefits of buying a display home

Buying a display home for sale in Melbourne can be an excellent option if you want the benefits of a new home but don’t want to wait for it to be built. One of the biggest benefits is that you get to take advantage of the latest trends in architecture and design. We build our display homes to showcase the latest in home design trends, which means you get a home that is both modern and stylish. Our display homes for sale in Melbourne also showcase the highest-quality fixtures and fittings, and often include upgrades that aren’t included when building from scratch.

Buying a Carlisle display home in Melbourne also guarantees that you’re moving into one of the most popular estates in the area. We partner with land developers to build our display homes in the best upcoming locations, and the best streets in these locations. Plus, buying one of our established sale display homes gives you the peace of mind of buying a new home complete with structural warranty. This means you can be confident that you are buying a home that is built to last.

Benefits of buying a Carlisle display home
  • Take advantage of the latest architecture and design trends
  • Premium upgrades, and high-quality fixtures and finishes
  • Located in the most popular estates across Melbourne
  • Peace of mind of buying an established home with a structural warranty
  • No need to wait for your home to be built
  • Fixed appliances, cabinetry, and storage fit-outs included, where applicable
  • Landscaping and driveway already completed
Display homes for sale Melbourne Canterbury Grand2

How does buying a display home work

The process of buying a Melbourne display home that is for sale is similar to buying any other established property. You work with our Sales Consultant to view the home, negotiate a purchase price, and then complete all the necessary paperwork. One of the big differences when you buy a display home in Melbourne is that you may not be able to move in right away. Sometimes we may still need to use the home as a display and in that instance, we will lease the home from you until the display period has finished and we’re ready to hand it over.


Is it cheaper to buy a display home in Melbourne?

Our display homes for sale in Melbourne often include upgrades, high quality fittings and fixtures, landscaping and driveway/paths, and are located in the most sought-after land estates in Victoria. So the price may be higher than if you were to build a similar house from scratch, but there are many other factors to take into consideration; is there much land available in the estate or will you miss out? Will interest rates increase and impact your borrowing power? Are you currently paying rent and don’t want to wait for a new home to be built? It is important to weigh up all of these factors when making a decision and you might find that buying an established ex display home for sale in Melbourne might be the best option for you!


Do you pay stamp duty on a display home?

Purchasing a display home for sale in Melbourne is similar to buying other established properties so you will need to pay stamp duty, otherwise known as land transfer duty. It is calculated as a percentage price of the purchase of the property and can be calculated using the State Revenue Office calculator here. However, if you’re a first home buyer you may be eligible for several exceptions and concessions, and you may not have to pay stamp duty at all!

Display homes for sale Melbourne Illawarra Grand

Is buying a display home a good investment?

Buying display homes in Melbourne can be a good investment depending on a few different factors. Our display homes are built with high-end finishes and features, which makes them attractive to buyers, and they also come with building warranties and are move-in ready including driveways and landscaping, which can save buyers time and money. One drawback would be if the display home is located in a newly developed area amongst ongoing construction and development, which could deter some buyers. But with any investment, it's important to thoroughly research all the benefits and challenges before making a decision.


Does the display home come with the furniture or appliances?

When you buy one of our display homes for sale in Melbourne, it generally will not come with the furniture but you will find a number of other items included that you wouldn’t receive when building a home from scratch. Depending on the home you purchase, it may come with fixed appliances like dishwashers or fireplaces, televisions if already mounted to the wall, a zoned alarm system, feature pendant lighting, luxury window furnishings, aggregate driveway and paths, landscaped gardens with timed irrigation, and decking to the alfresco. This makes sale display homes a great option for first home buyers or an investment property.


How do I enquire about buying a Carlisle display home?

Love what you saw in one of our Melbourne display homes for sale? If you’re interested in purchasing one of our display homes, you can enquire via the link above. Or better yet, speak directly to the Sales Consultant who works in the same centre as the display home for sale. They will be able to help you through the process and get you into your dream home as soon as possible!

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