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Your guide to choosing the perfect rug…

by Carlisle Homes

The variety of stunning rug products available means that the old ‘foot warmer’ is now more than just a practical floor protector but considered a versatile décor element for any room in the house!

Whilst placing the ‘right’ rug can in fact complete the look of a room and bring all the individual elements together in a theme, it could be the first item you consider. To ensure the room is balanced, not too busy and contains interesting layers of colour and texture, the best tip is to first look at whether a rug will work in the space and, if possible, plan around it.

The scale and size of a rug, in regards to both room and furniture proportions, is important to ensure your chosen theme comes together harmoniously without elements fighting to be the centre of attention. In a living room, a good tip is to at least match or exceed the length of the rug with the dimension of the larger sofa to create the right partnership.

ResizedImage600337 SetWidth870 Sanctuary 48 Living 235 Somerfield

Sanctuary display home living area as displayed at Somerfield Estate, Keysborough

The modern new home design today leans toward an open plan flow where quite often dining rooms flow into living spaces or formal lounge areas are open to entry and hall zones. Rugs can be the perfect solution to incorporate definition of different zones within an open plan space, replacing the need to use furniture to divide rooms. When choosing a rug for a dining area look for a design larger than your table to make sure you can accommodate a dining chair fully pulled out, ensuring your diners don’t fall off their perch!

No need to stick to traditional rectangle shapes, square, oval and circular rugs can introduce a different geometric aspect but still should be complementary to the way you are grouping other objects and furniture in the room. Round rugs, such as the beautiful Marigold Armadillo rug in the master suite of the Cambridge display home at the Atherstone Estate in Melton South, introduce a sense of softness and harmony to bedroom spaces by softening rigid lines and sharp corners, adding to the restful theme of this zone. Similarly, rectangular rugs, such as the stunning rug with geometric shapes featured in the master suite of the Matisse display home at Selandra Rise, Clyde North, placed partly under the bed suite can create a cosy yet elegant and luxurious hotel feel to your master retreat.

ResizedImage600337 SetWidth870 Cambridge 26 Master Suite 033 Atherstone

Cambridge display home at the Atherstone Estate in Melton South

ResizedImage600337 SetWidth870 Matisse 33 Master Suite 166 Selandra Rise2

Matisse display home at Selandra Rise, Clyde North

Contemplating the right style for your rug does link into the plans for the rest of the room. Whether you need to visually underpin a dominant theme using a rug with a more subtle design or perhaps animate a neutral space with a bold print, the key is in the planning. The smartphone app Home Love includes a dedicated chapter on rugs with hundreds of images to peruse for you to create that perfect look. The images are tagged to let you know where to source certain products as well as the ability to collect images in your own mood board, all on your phone or device - the perfect shopping list to cross reference when out and about!

When reviewing different materials and fibres it is best to evaluate how you will use the rug in your home now and in the future. How much foot traffic will the rug endure? Will it be exposed to direct sunlight and do you have children and/or pets? There is a common trend for homeowners to select natural materials for their rugs such as wool or hemp, however, consideration for the application such as room type i.e. lounge, dining or even bathroom, should be a key determinant in this decision.

ResizedImage600337 SetWidth870 Canterbury 44 Master Ensuite 075 Somerfield

Canterbury Master Ensuite as displayed at Somerfield Estate, Keysborough

Budget is always an important consideration, especially when choosing non-essential décor items, but as is generally the case, by purchasing a good quality rug made with long lasting materials, you will be rewarded with a statement piece that could be with you for many years to come. A key tip to not only keep your rugs from slipping but also stretching out of shape, is to use a rug liner to suit your floor surface.

A clever idea is to use a decorative and interesting rug as a wall hanging to create an artwork piece with a difference!

Check out these great blogs at Houzz and HomeHQ for some interesting and practical ideas for styling with rugs with some great ideas.

Start collecting ideas for your very own moodboard and be sure to check out the Carlisle Homes’ image galleries and virtual tours and Pinterest page for inspiration!

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