13 January 2016

What’s new in tiles for 2016?

by Carlisle Homes

Who would have thought there was so much to think about and choose from when it comes to tiles for your home! It’s definitely an area of your home styling you want to get right because a change of mind down the track can be an expensive and messy process. Bright colours and interesting textures can create a real wow factor feature but can you style around that for years to come? Neutrals and whites are timeless but how can you stamp your style signature?

We’ve got the scoop directly from the experts, we caught up with Christie Wood from Beaumont Tiles and Tamara Spencer the Carlisle Spectra Showroom Manager for a chat about all things tiling…

Where does Australia get its inspiration and design ideas from for tiling trends?
Beaumonts: We travel to Europe, to the Bologna Fair as well as draw inspiration from our own geographic and climatic influences. Colour has a big impact on forecasting styles so we research extensively years before trends hit mainstream influences.
Carlisle: Our display homes are the perfect source of inspiration for our customers, they give them a great appreciation of tying different zones of the home together with theme throughout.


Horizontal patterns give this kitchen a sense of extra width and depth in the Bridgeport on display at Warralilly Coast, Armstrong Creek.

What about DIY shows like The Block and House Rules, does that impact on the homeowners’ interest in tiles and their creativity?
Beaumonts: A huge influence, as it can push the boundaries of what they desire in a tile. The shows inspire their dream home, and they look to Beaumont Tiles to help bring it to life. It’s easy to get the look, with The Next Big Thing on display in all stores. We also recommend speaking to an experienced industry expert, such as colour consultants and product specialists when making decisions, to make sure that having their dream look is also a day to day practical choice.

Let’s start with bathrooms, what is on trend for colour selections and emerging styles?
The rustic trend is hitting its stride in 2016. Concrete, timber, stone and even bricks have gained historic weight with a worn enigmatic look. It is no longer an oddity to see brand new tiles tell a compelling lifelong story.
Modern vintage styles feature pattern and motifs that are printed or embossed on handmade like surfaces. Shapes are combined with Industrial and Modern Vintage elements to create new exciting directions. Get a multi-dimensional look with a structured tile to make an impressive focal point with neutral colours.
In terms of colour directions, we are seeing bolder hues like blues, greens, and cool greys. Traditional pastels are now starting to emerge and metallics are particularly important in 2016 for tiles. Homeowners that are looking for a wow factor can choose to show off the deep variation in emulated looks by selecting a wall or the whole floor to show off their style.


Earthy subway tiles in the Sorrento on display at Mernda Villages Mernda.

Is there a resurgence for tiled kitchen splashbacks over glass?
Absolutely yes. We have seen glass splashbacks create the minimalistic look that we use to crave. Now we want a more stylised look with character to reflect our personality. The vintage inspired subway tile has again become a staple in our range but in a more organic/rustic finish that also translates into industrial styles. Moroccan and Vintage inspired patterns are mixed together to create a bold feature splashback statement.
Carlisle: You definitely need to check out our new Regent kitchen at the Rosenthal Estate and the Piermont at the Aston Estate, Craigieburn - stunning examples of pushing the design element through bold colours and shapes.


Floor tiles are a practical choice for many, but how can you achieve a designer look?
Digital printing technology has opened up a whole new dimension for the tile world. This means that tiles have all the beauty of designer style, but with the practicality of a glazed porcelain tile. We can now emulate; natural stone, cement, marble, timber, tessellated and encaustic patterns.

There is a lot of talk about texture being the new colour, how does that translate to tiles?
Yes, many people are wanting a visual point of difference but not delving into colour. Texture is how this can be achieved with self-embossed tiles, combinations of finishes, structural curves, faceted angles and many different shapes.
Carlisle: It’s a great way to achieve a point of difference without taking over the room, a really good option for the long term in regards to re-sale.


Textured lines of the vanity splashback in the Monaco at the Aston Estate, Craigieburn.

Tiles are becoming a popular feature for façade articulation, where do you see this moving?
Stunning natural look tiles such as stone and concrete will continue to be highly sought-after for their practical benefits in an outdoor application. Timber emulations don’t discolour in the outdoor elements, which is an attractive enticement to know that what you select will be the same in years to come. People may be more willing to take a risk using patterned or structured finishes to create a visual impact contrasting beautifully with traditional façade mediums. Popular sizes in 2015 have been 300x600 or 600x600mm; future trends are forecasted to use larger slab size tiles with thinner profiles.

What is your advice on where to start to define your own personalised style?
We have a What Style Am I questionnaire and an image gallery on our website, which will be an excellent starting point. Secondly, keep magazine clippings and Pinterest boards on what you like. You’ll start to see a pattern emerging on what your style is. Our in-store consultants can then help you build your style into your home using our Scan and Play units, putting a picture to your aspirations.
Carlisle: We encourage our customers to have a play around in the Carlisle Visualiser where you can try different colour palettes, shapes and textures to get an idea of how they will look in cohesion with other finishes.


Sophisticated style with hexagon shapes in the Montclair at Greenvale Gardens, Greenvale.

Getting down to the practical information, grout selection…
I would avoid a light coloured grout on the floor unless absolutely necessary as grout will discolour over time, however there are products available to seal your grout which is highly recommended and easy. Keep your grout a similar colour to the tile so that the grout doesn’t stand out, unless the pattern that the grout makes is the feature.

We all love our alfresco dining these days, and it really is just another room of the house, what do you suggest for this zone? Beaumonts: My advice would be to ensure the outdoor tiles flow with the indoor palette and/or external colours/theme. It is very important to ensure the tile/stone chosen for outdoor is rated appropriately and will be safe when walking on in wet weather.
Beaumont’s have a large selection of indoor/outdoor tiles. We also have a range of high quality stone and engineered stone pavers to help you achieve the sinuous transitional look from indoors to outdoors.


Tile clad external pillars in the Sacramento on display at Timbertop Estate, Officer.

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