Inspirations | 18 November 2016

Traditional Christmas trees are so 2015

by Carlisle Homes

When it comes to Christmas trees, we typically think we only have a couple of options, artificial or traditional pine – but why not embrace your inner creative flare this year and try a Christmas tree with a twist!  

If you’re all about creating something unique and making new traditions, we’ve got all the design tips on how to make this year’s Chrissy tree – one of a kind!

Twig tree

There really is no better way to describe these modern trees. They are quite simply twig trees. Now, you can go with a piece of driftwood you have scavenged from your favourite beach and spray paint it white, for a decoration that is very unique and full of character. Or you can source one ready-made from your local discount shop or try the LED variety from Kmart. The minimal style means your decorations come to life instead of being hidden amongst foliage, a very elegant addition to any style theme.

Images sourced from the (left) Vaucluse on display at Somerfield estate Keysborough and (right) Home Beautiful

Wall art

The Christmas tree wall art is an emerging style, perfect for those households with curious pets and toddlers, or even works for a festive holiday house. It does have a DIY feel and can be elaborate or minimal to suit. Even if this isn’t your main tree, it could be a fun way to enjoy the advent calendar with mini presents to open each day!

Images source from (left) Inside Out and (middle, right) Houzz

Small spaces

Maybe you want to take a little bit of Christmas to someone else this year. Forget the box of chocolates or the bottle of bubbly, how about a miniature tree, that they can use as a centrepiece? While these trees aren't the real deal, they are very versatile as they can be moved around, out of reach, or away from sensitive noses.

Images sourced from (left) HomeLife and (right) Home Life


For those of us who just love a bit of DIY, especially during the festive season, the sky really is the limit for a tree with a twist. As long as it has the iconic shape of a tree, i.e. triangular, it could be inspired by nature or upcycled from scrap material, to create a real conversation piece for your home.

Images sourced (left and middle) Houzz and (right) Inside Out

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