3 December 2015

Top 8 home styling DIY ideas for all abilities!

by Carlisle Homes

‘I made it myself’, she said.
Before you get too disheartened, we’re here to tell you that when it comes to DIY home accessories and style there are scales involved. You are just as qualified to call it a homemade item when you simply hack a Kmart foot stool with a lick of paint as you are if you have hand cultivated the timber before crafting your own birdhouse. Here is our list of the Top 8 on trend DIY ideas for all abilities!

1.     Macrame
Some of us remember churning out pot hanger after pot hanger a few decades ago when macramé was the buzz in DIY textiles. Now with boho style being a legitimate interior theme we are seeing a resurgence of this DIY knot and weave, but with a twist! Think beyond hanging pots and onto pieces of art in the form of wall hangings. We found some amazing inspiration here and some really easy tutorial steps here, once you start you won’t be able to stop!


Image sourced from Pinterest: Ekstrax


We love our vintage macramé owl wall hanging keeping an eye on things at our Carrington on display at Timbertop Estate Officer!

2.     Vertical garden living art
Living garden art is a beautiful addition to inside and outside spaces, adding a touch of green for a calming and earthy feel. While you can buy kits ready to go, a DIY result is reasonably easy to master, you’re only limited by your imagination. Succulents work well in vertical gardens as they don’t require much water, which means less mess in your outdoor room. Vertical herb gardens within easy reach of kitchen and BBQ area keep your plants away from pets and little hands and can really dress up a timber fence.


Images sourced from (left) Pioneer Settler and (right) Home Life.

3.     Terrarium
Bring a little bit of green inside with a miniature garden creation in the form of a terrarium. These are the perfect indoor plant because they require minimal maintenance and can be a great activity to get the kids involved! Have fun by adding some mini figurines and create a magical fairy garden, check out this tutorial at Essential Kids.


Image sourced from Home Life.

4.     Christmas decorations
As we get closer to the festive season and we audit our stash of Christmas decorations and walk through rows and rows of tinsel in the shops, you can’t help but think maybe this year I will make my own. Well, do it! But do it in style! We’ve found some clever and very stylish DIY Christmas ideas to really ring your bells….


Image sourced from Inside Out.

5.     Bedhead
Let’s be clear, DIY bedheads are not for first timers. You need some pretty serious tools for these projects, so could be a time to buddy up with someone with a crafty gift. Bedheads are a great way to add some drama to a room without having to include a full bulky bed frame. From the raw and rustic feel of reclaimed to timber to the lush and grandeur of upholstery there is a huge scope to create something very unique and ideal for your style theme. Some great ideas in this Houzz ideabook, and keep a look out for ideas in our display homes, like these beauties in the Waverley on display at The Avenue Cranbourne North.


6.     Candles
Believe it or not candles are really easy to make - they could be a great project for the DIY novice! You do need to source quite a few materials or you could buy a kit with everything contained like these. Once you get started you can experiment using different holders, such as vintage tea cups or mason jars, different colours and subtle essential oils. Check out this tutorial to get some Christmas present ideas.


Image sourced from Princess Pinky Girl

7.     Metallic finishes
Copper, rose gold, gold leaf and basically any metallic finish is all over accessory styling right now. If you have an item you really love then you need to consider giving it a new metallic look. Go for a lush gold leaf look or a vintage blue patina, but beware there is such a thing as too much metallic!


Image sourced from Etsy

8.     Outsource
When all else fails, get someone else to make it! Clever outsourcing can be just as good as your own DIY, especially when you work with the craftsperson to design something very unique. Etsy has a plethora of homemade goods, pretty much anything you have ever thought about making can be found there. We love everything made by Lil Henry but think these dreamcatchers are to die for, do yourself a favour and check them out!


Lil Henry Dream Catcher

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