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Top 10 must have home accessories…

by Carlisle Homes

Sometimes, it's the little things that can make the biggest impression. Accessories add the finishing touch to your home and when carefully selected, will bring out the best in your home décor. Here, we present our top 10 must-have accessories for maximum impact - happy accessorising!

1. Artwork

While it would be lovely to fill your home with commissioned original artwork, you would definitely blow your budget after one room. Feature artwork doesn’t have to cost the earth, go for duet or trilogy sets to create a story, add some textural styles or a pop of colour.


Combining artwork elements in the Sanctuary on display at the Somerfield Estate Keysborough. Dining room artwork in the Matisse on display at Selandra Rise, Clyde North. Monochrome photography art in the Atlantique on display at Berwick Waters Estate, Clyde North. Inspire the chef, the Vaucluse on display at Somerfield Estate Keysborough. A sporting theme in the Montclair on display at Greenvale Gardens Greenvale.

2. Statement lighting

It’s all about statement lighting! More than just adding a source of illumination, pendant lighting adds an interesting focal point to a void, creates a dramatic centrepiece to kitchen bench and can turn a bedroom into a sophisticated retreat. Think of your pendant lighting as a striking piece of artwork, a sculpture to create interest even when not turned on!



This beautiful designer pendant from Beacon Lighting is on display in the Montclair at Greenvale Gardens, Greenvale.


The Replica Tom Dixon Punch Ball Chrome Pendant Light from Lucretia is a beautiful compliment to the extravagant entry impact wall in the Sanctuary on display at Somerfield Estate Keysborough


 Timeless elegance with the Southampton Antique Pendant from Beacon Lighting on display in the Vaucluse at Somerfield Estate, Keysborough


Steel mesh 6 light Escala pendant burnished with a hint of brass in this stunning rustic pendant is a highlight in the study of the Carrington on display at the Timbertop Estate, Officer.

3. Clockwork

Keep in time with this hot trend for 2015 as clocks become interesting pieces of art. We found some reasonable priced, great pieces at Freedom, Target and Ikea. In our digital world the timeless reminder of an old fashioned clock dial adds a touch of rustic charm.


From top left Freedom Era Clock, Target Jumbo Ampersand Clock, Vaucluse on display at Somerfield Keysborough, Riva on display at Berwick Waters Clyde North, Ikea Skovel Wall clock, Montclair on display Greenvale Gardens Estate, Greenvale.

4. Reflections

We all know the addition of a mirror in a room can make the space seem larger and allow light to radiate throughout, add an ornate edge or an interesting shape and you also have a piece of artwork to really accent a space.


Clockwise from top left, Montpellier on display at Selandra Rise Estate, Clyde North, Matisse on display at Warralilly Coast, Armstrong Creek Sanctuary on display at Somerfield Estate, Keysborough

But don’t be limited to wall mirrors, mirrored bedside tables partner perfectly with ornate bedheads for a luxurious boudoir.


 Montclair on display at Greenvale Gardens Estate, Greenvale, Park Mirrored 2-drawer bedside table from Pottery Barn.

5. Impact walls

While feature walls have been around for some time now, the style this year is more about walls to create impact, with bold wallpapers and textured cladding materials. While a little more difficult to change your mind, they do replace the need for expensive artwork and ornate bedheads when used in bedroom areas.


Make an impact with timber features, the Carrington on display at Timbertop Estate, Officer.


The best of the best feature walls, The Vaucluse on display at Somerfield Estate Keysborough, The Matisse on display at Selandra Rise Estate, Clyde North, The Pavillion on display at Aston Estate, Craigieburn.


The dramatic grand entrance of the Sanctuary on display at Somerfield Estate, Keysborough , block impact wall in the Sorrento at Berwick Waters, Clyde North and the artwork impact statement of the sewing nook in the Marlow on display at Trillium Estate, Mickleham.

6. Layered linen

While we will never grow tired of the layered linen look for bedrooms, this season we are loving the tousled ‘unmade’ look to really accentuate textures and colours. Don’t be afraid to mix fabrics and experiment with colours.



The romance of luxury layered linen in the Illuka on display at Featherbrook Estate Point Cook, and the Nevada on display at The Avenue Estate, Cranbourne North, Cotton On Mark Tucker Circus Tassle Blanket.

7. Cushions

Cushions are the ultimately disposable home accessory, especially for those who are handy with the sewing machine! This year be bold with a mixture of patterns, colours, and even textures. Go with a toned palette or create a statement with a pop of colour to brighten a space.


Mixing it up with cushion patterns in the Bridgeport on display at Warralily Coast Estate, Armstrong Creek.


The statement cushion, a feature on its own in the Indiana on display at Somerfield Estate, Keysborough, and a pop of colour in the Matisse on display at Warralily Coast Estate, Armstrong Creek.

8. Rugs

Define a space with the right rug, a great way to create a room within a room. While you can’t go wrong with a natural fibre neutral coloured rug, we do love the confidence of a geometric print!


Geometric prints to offset a neutral palette in the Marlow on display at Triullium Estate, Mickleham. Natural fibres of hemp create a solid foundation in the Pavillion on display the Aston Estate, Craigieburn.


We can’t talk rugs without mentioning the iconic Marigold rug from Armadillo & Co rug, truly a piece of art, check it out in the Cambridge on display at Atherstone Estate, Melton South.

9. Indoor plants

A throw back to the flower loving ‘70s when all things green and macrame featured in most homes, indoor foliage is back! But it must be real, not of the faux variety. Inject the feeling of nature into your rooms with some feature potted plants and vases of seasonal fresh flowers.


It’s easy being green with the Hawkesbury on display at the Merrifield Estate Mickleham, and the Nevada on display at The Avenue Estate, Cranbourne North.

10.Animal hide textiles

Our last must have accessory for this year is anything featuring animal hide, stools, cushions, throws, and this time faux is totally okay!


The perfect finishing touch with animal hide kitchen stools in the Illuka on display at the Featherbrook Estate, Point Cook.

A note on colour…
Voted as the Pantone colour of the 2015, Marsala is a naturally robust and earthy wine red, to enrich our minds, bodies and souls… Given this hue is not everyone’s cup of tea, don’t think of saturating your entire home, more adding a sense of elegance, richness and warmth through accent pieces and accessories. The versatility of the Marsala colour palette lends itself to easily incorporate in subtle featured throughout everyone room. Really bring out a touch of drama by pairing with cool concrete grey, a match made in heaven…
Check out these hints to get the Marsala look…


(images sourced from Pinterest)

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