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The Look and Feel of Real Timber - Laminex Chalk Finish

by Carlisle Homes

This highly tactile new finish option adds an incredible layer of authenticity to Laminex’s beautiful range of woodgrain laminates.

With a complete relaunch of the Laminex Colour Collection followed by a series of fantastic new product launches, the Laminex range has consolidated its position at the forefront of contemporary interior design in Australia. One of the most recent new additions to the range is Chalk finish, a highly tactile low-gloss laminate finish designed to recreate the look and feel of real timber. It’s offered exclusively with a selection of incredibly realistic woodgrain decors, for use on vertical surfaces such as cupboards and drawers in kitchens, pantries and wet areas. And it’s now available as an upgrade option for Affinity and TRange homes, allowing Carlisle Homes customers to enjoy the beautiful natural aesthetic of timber, but at a fraction of the cost.

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For that added level of texture and warmth this kitchen at Astoria Grand beautifully features Blackened Elm in Chalk finish

The stunning authenticity of Chalk finish

Laminex designs and manufactures its woodgrain laminates using cutting-edge production technology that captures with incredible detail the tones and wood fibre patterns of architectural timbers. The selection of decors that come in Chalk finish includes timbers and colours to suit all tastes and match all interior styles. Among them is light honey-toned Classic Oak, designed with a subtle plank structure to give cabinetry a beautiful vertical rhythm; Rural Oak, which has a slightly weathered look ideal for Hamptons or coastal-style interiors; Smoky Sapelle, a warm red-brown woodgrain with a distinctly linear timber structure; and Blackened Legno, an elegant dark brown woodgrain inspired by the look of naturally charred Australian jarrah.

Fans of modern design will also be interested in two new Laminex decors that replicate the look of plywood. Raw Birchply, with its blond tones and subtle wood fibre details, is a perfect match for Scandi-style interiors, while Black Birchply has the appearance of black-stained plywood and is a great option for an on-trend dark-toned contemporary interior.

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For a lighter approach try Aged Ash in Chalk finish as featured in the Montague Grand

Extraordinary performance and endless options

Apart from being much more cost-effective, the other advantage these woodgrain decors have over real timber is how well they stand up to repeated use in busy homes. They’re resistant to scratches and stains, heat and UV light, which reduces the risk of fading. They’re also very easy to keep clean, so they stay looking beautiful for many years without any of the additional treatments or ongoing maintenance that natural timbers can require. You might even say they’re better than the real thing!

These highly practical qualities are common to the broader range of Laminex surface materials, many of which are popular inclusions or highly desirable upgrades in Carlisle homes. Laminex Natural finish in smooth-touch low-sheen is offered as standard for benchtops and cabinetry, but other options include the luxurious seamless look of thermolaminated vinyl-wrapped FormWrap doors and panels, premium 2-pac polyurethane-painted ColourTech doors and panels, fingerprint-resistant ultra-matte AbsoluteMatte for benchtops and cabinetry, and mirror-like super-high-gloss AbsoluteGloss panels.

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Add the look of real timber with Aged Ash in Chalk finish

The best way to appreciate the appeal of Laminex’s woodgrain laminates in Chalk finish is to order a sample from Laminex. Alternatively, take a virtual tour to find your perfect home design or call us on 13 27 67 and talk to one of our friendly staff.

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