3 Heat Cool Your Home Smarter with Rinnai 740 x 740 5 Heat Cool Your Home Smarter with Rinnai 540 x 768

Heat & Cool Your Home Smarter with Rinnai

Keep your interior temperature comfortable and consistent, whatever the weather, with a heating and cooling system from the best in the business – Rinnai.

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3 Building With Solar 740 x 740 5 Building With Solar 540 x 768

Bright Idea: Slash Your Power Bills by Building With Solar

Specify solar power in your home and enjoy the benefits for years to come. Here’s everything you need to know about building with solar.

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3 UnderstandingRValues 740 x 740 5 UnderstandingRValues 540 x 768

Choosing Insulation: What is R-Value?

Understanding R-values will help you choose more effective insulation for your home. Learn more.

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5 HowtoChoosePaint 540 x 768 5 HowtoChoosePaint 540 x 768

How to Choose the Best Paint for Exterior and Interiors

Choose paint for your interior and exterior that will look great and perform brilliantly too! Here’s how.

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3 WhatisAcrashield 540 x 540 5 WhatisAcrashield 540 x 768

Acratex AcraShield: Protect Your Home’s Facade

Acrylic rendering keeps your exterior looking newer for longer – discover the benefits of Dulux Acratex AcraShield

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4 MeetCaesarstoneDark 540 x 656 5 MeetCaesarstoneDark 540 x 768

Meet Caesarstone® Dark: The Latest Collection Bringing Luxe to Kitchens & Interiors

Adding sophistication and flair to your home is easier than ever with the Caesarstone® Dark range of black quartz finishes

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8 RoofsThatPerform 740 x 740 5 RoofsThatPerform 540 x 768

Want a Great-Looking Roof? Here’s How to Ensure it Performs Well Too

The right roof offers more than style – it can boost energy savings and provide long-term protection too. Here’s all you need to know to make the smartest selection.

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Home Cooling 540 x 768 Home Cooling 540 x 768

Stay Cool This Summer: Your Guide to Evaporative and Refrigerated Cooling

Looking for the best way to cool your home? Evaporative and refrigerated cooling are both great options – but how do they compare?

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Carlisle Homes Choosing The Right Tiles740 x 740 Carlisle Homes Choosing The Right Tiles540 x 768

Six Steps To Choosing The Right Tiles For Your Home

Have you ever noticed the different ratings for tiles and wondered what they mean? The experts at Beaumont tiles are here to help.

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Monier Inline Solar Thumb6+8 740x740 Monier Inline Solar Thumb 1 540x768

Stylish Solar to Boost Your Savings

Solar panels have long been proven to equate to huge savings on domestic power bills as well as being sustainable for our environment. But now Carlisle Homes can offer solar panels that not only use green energy but are also stylish as well.

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Dulux Nourish Palette 540 x 768 Dulux Nourish Palette 540 x 768

Bring The Outdoors Inside With Dulux’s Latest Nourish Trend

So, what will the best-dressed homes be wearing in 2021? According to colour expert Dulux®, gentle, nature-inspired tones of moss, putty and turmeric are among the ones to watch.

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Carlisle Homes Exterior Colour Schemes Hamptons Home740 x 740 v4 Carlisle Homes Exterior Colour Schemes Hamptons Home540 x 768 v2

Four Curated Exterior Colour Schemes to Create Your Dream Hamptons Home

We’ve teamed up with the experts from Dulux® and Monier to share how to add timeless elegance to your home’s facade with four exclusive Hamptons exterior schemes.

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