Finance | 15 February 2017

Summer Energy Saving Tips

by Carlisle Homes

Although we’re heading towards the end of Summer, Melbourne often continues to deliver hot days well into Autumn.

Most homeowners are prepared for the spike in their energy costs as we rely on heating to keep warm, but many are often surprised with the impact their air conditioning costs in Summer. Energy experts estimate that 40% of energy bills from November through until March are attributed to cooling.

Service your cooling units

It’s a good idea to check the owner’s manual of your air conditioning systems, to make sure you are performing the advised maintenance tasks. This many include ensuring debris is removed from the external surfaces of the system and checking if filters can be removed and cleaned. There are service providers who will come and perform a maintenance check to ensure your system is running efficiently.

Window coverings

Choosing the right window coverings for your home in relation orientation, can make a huge difference to the amount of heat that can be transferred to your windows on hot sunny day. External awnings can be very effective in stopping the heat from permeating into your rooms and should be checked towards the end of Spring to make sure they are in fit condition after being rolled up or packed away during the Winter/Spring season.

CARL606896 CanterburyGrand Heroes 115 blog v2

Canterbury Grand Master Suite as displayed at Minta Estate, Berwick

Pre-cool your home

It is a fact that it is easier and more cost efficient to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home than it is to cool a home (from a high temperature). For this reason, on high forecast days, start off in the morning by closing all the blinds, shutters and curtains, and closing off rooms not in use. Keep lights and lamps to a minimum and maybe opt for a salad for dinner in replacement for using the oven!


Ceiling fans can cost as little as 2 cents per hour to run and can be a great way to keep the home temperate and air circulating before having to resort to artificial cooling. Fans can be a great solution overnight rather for a comfortable sleep.

Check your settings

Don’t be tempted to turn the cooling down too low! By keeping your settings around the 24-26 mark, when it’s 37 degrees outside, the differential is enough for a comfortable home. Add some ceiling fans to keep the air circulating, and use the zone option if your system is configured in this way.

When you are away turn off

If perhaps you are escaping the summer heat, or chasing waves along the coast, remember to turn off as many of your large appliances if you can. It’s no use paying for energy you aren’t even using!

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