Build | 20 October 2020

Stylish Solar to Boost Your Savings

by Carlisle Homes

Solar panels have long been proven to equate to huge savings on domestic power bills as well as being sustainable for our environment. But now Carlisle Homes can offer solar panels that not only use green energy but are also stylish as well.

InlineSOLAR™ panels offer a modern and elegant look with sleek black solar panels which are available exclusively with all Monier Concrete and Terracotta roof tiles. InlineSOLAR TM is recess mounted within the roofline (built into the roof itself rather than bolted on top of your roof tiles) bringing all the benefits of solar, adding beauty and value to your property and lowering energy bills while maintain your home’s overall sleek and low-profile silhouette.

Monier Inline Solar Body Image1

InlineSOLAR™ seamlessly integrate with all Monier Concrete and Terracotta roof tiles

Because they are designed to form part of your roofscape, InlineSOLAR™ panels will remain watertight and blend seamlessly with the look of your entire home.

Monier InlineSOLAR™ includes online monitoring so you can see how your system’s performing in real time. These industry-leading solar packages are also battery ready and compatible with Tesla Powerwall, which means you can save your solar energy for use at nighttime – further reducing your overall energy consumption costs.

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Partners with CSR

“Carlisle Homes has a long and proud association with CSR, the parent company of Bradford Monier, partnering with them ever since the launch of Carlisle 15 years ago“ says Con Galileos, Carlisle Homes’ Group Development Manager.

“CSR is a known brand, and there’s comfort we get in the service they offer for the product they give us to put in our houses.

Carlisle Homes is such a strong believer in Bradford Monier’s InlineSOLAR™ product that we have chosen to build it into the Clovelly 33 display home, based at the Woodlea Estate, in Aintree. “Solar’s getting a lot of attention, so we decided to showcase it”. says Con.

Monier Inline Solar Body Image2

InlineSOLAR™ featured at the beautiful Clovelly

“There’s probably a couple of points to including InlineSOLAR™ in this new display home,” explains Con.

“The first point is our association with CSR. We don’t only work with Monier, we use Bradford, Gyprock, Hebel, Viridian and PGH Bricks. So, there’s six pillars of the trusted company there – all that association with CSR.

And there is another, third, reason that Carlisle Homes decided to install the InlineSOLAR™ system in our new display home – it’s a practical choice, energy wise. Running display villages is an expensive business.

Monier Inline Solar Body Image3

We also have a designated section in our Spectra showroom of the InlineSOLAR™ as a display board. When clients conduct their virtual appointments for their colour appointment, they have the ability to gain further insight on the product.” says Con.

Contact us on 13 27 67 to find out more about how you can have the InlineSOLAR™ product in your dream home today.

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