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Styling with Throws

by Carlisle Homes

The versatile throw could possibly be the easiest styling element going around with the ability to turn any of us into master decorators with the flick of a wrist (or a drape of throw!).

Don’t just think about functionality, these little gems can add the pattern to a plain room, a layer of interesting texture, can be trans-seasonal, or change with the seasons, rotated through different rooms, add a pop of colour, a sense of cosiness or protect your investment pieces, they really are multi-faceted accessories!

Need some inspiration so that your rooms don’t end up looking like the day after a kids’ sleepover? It’s all in the placement and layering! Here we share some of our styling tips and ideas so that you can create some throw rug ‘wow’ in your home.

Lounging around

Depending on the look you are going for, there are a few different ways to arrange your throw rugs in your living areas. Achieve a structured effect with a neatly folded throw placed over the arms of your sofa or chair, a great way to add some colour (and to rest your cuppa on in between sips!). For an interesting and novel way to spice up a light coloured chair and create a room focal point, that is easily interchangeable, neatly drape a coloured or patterned throw across the back of the chair for an instant new look.

For the practical minded, a large throw can be a great way to protect your sofa from sticky fingers and furry friends, by draping across the back of the furniture. Alternatively tightly tuck around the seat cushions, adding a protective layer that doesn’t need to be continually arranged, it almost becomes part of the sofa.

If you think you are ready for the next level in lounge room throws, it’s time to step up to the ‘drape’. It may take a few goes to get this right and achieve the casually thrown look that completes a room without looking like someone left it there accidentally. Nail the style and it will give your room that designer edge, soften bold lines and fill a room with life and warmth.

0012 CARL2182 Plumpton 062 blog 1

Portland Meals & Living as displayed at Cloverton Estate, Kalkallo

Bedroom couture

Throw rug styling in the bedroom is all about creating a comfortable, warm and luxurious feel to a space. Similar to lounge styling you can go for a neat structured and folded look or a more ‘throw on the bed as you walk out the door’ kind of style.

CARL2995 Langholm 045 blog 1

Langholm Master Suite as displayed at Newhaven Estate, Tarneit

Don’t be fooled, the casual drape style may take a few practices to get it right!

Faux fur throw rugs and chunky knits add a definite touch of luxury to a bedroom, but may need to be a seasonal element you bring out as the weather turns. The rule of thumb with these throws is that they definitely look better messy style, folding them just looks too bulky!

Nooks and corners

A throw rug can add the finishing definition to reading nook or corner, giving it a purpose and reason for being. Of course, what better way to enjoy your latest read than with a blanket to snuggle with!

Pop up colour

Styling with throw rugs is a great way to work a colour into a room without going to the expense or permanency of a new paintwork or wallpaper design. You can easily mix things up if you have a change of heart or acquire some other new accessories. Your feature colour may come from a subtle colour in some artwork, a pattern in a rug, a vase or other décor item.

CARL606896 Cottesloe36 Heroes 115 1 blog 1

Cottesloe Bedroom as displayed at Minta Estate, Berwick

Storage ideas

If you are thinking about packing some of your rugs away as the sun comes out, think about creating a feature out of your storage, so they are out of the way but still handy.

For the creative minded…

For those of us that seek to add genuine signature elements to our homes with unique DIY features, have you heard of arm knitting? Well, get into it! Create beautiful chunky knits in just the colour you need and get the whole family to help! Check out some instructions at Simply Maggie.

For a behind the scenes experience and to get the scoop direct from the design team, be sure to follow us on Instagram, @Carlislehomes.

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