Inspire | 15 March 2016

Styling the Coffee Table

by Carlisle Homes

Imagine you are at the Melbourne Cup, fabulous frock, fascinator and clutch, yet you aren’t wearing shoes…Yikes! Okay, perhaps an exaggerated comparison, but none-the-less a formal or informal lounge room without a coffee table is like a jig saw puzzle, missing a piece.

The coffee table completes the picture and is usually chosen after the seating arrangements have been made. Coffee tables are no longer just about a resting place for your favourite hard cover fashion book. Vases, heirlooms, candles, animal curios from past adventures even your great-grandfather’s magnified glass, can all make the cut and make a cameo on the coffee table. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to styling the living centerpiece, but we have a few tips suited to the Industrial and Scandinavian designs making waves globally.

Change is as good as a holiday

Style is a personal choice and there are many ways to keep your coffee table on trend. Even if the table-top accessories are antiques or family heirlooms, you can still work them into a theme for a sophisticated yet functional look. Arrange your pieces to add dimension and depth to the existing decor and change it up every so often with timeless trinkets that add classic character and tell a personal story.

A Touch of Class

Be bold and don’t be afraid to maximise the space on your coffee table with glass or ceramic vases, cooper trays or wooden boxes. Each piece should be a reflection of your home and it’s all about balance. Subtle repetitive patterns or colour pop can infuse the space with complexity, accentuating the neutral tone of your home while giving it an uncomplicated breezy feel. The cluttered look works well on glass tops, wood tops, even marble.

Astoria Grand Activity as displayed at Cloverton Estate, Kalkallo

Statement Coffee Tables

Less is definitely more when styling a retro or high end, one-of-a-kind, table which screams originality. A coffee table will always work well on its own with minimal accessories if it’s in proximity to the space. It’s a good idea to keep the dimensions and detail of your coffee tables’ accessories symmetric, and when your canvas is a neutral palette, pops of colour further enhance the composition of the room.

Langholm Living as displayed at Newhaven Estate, Tarneit

Coffee Table Kudos

There are times when minimalism can be the right thing. A table with one vase and a little accessory is thoughtful, while a beautiful table with copies of trashy magazines can look careless. But if you want a combination of function and funk, then never miss an opportunity to pair your Moroccan lambskin pouf and Indian rug next to an Ikea coffee table. It’s all about personal taste and accessorising with individual pieces.

Cottesloe Lounge as displayed at Minta Estate, Berwick

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