28 October 2015

Striping mad

by Carlisle Homes

While dots and chevrons might come and go and geometric shapes and curves phase in and out, we can always rely on stripes as the perfect all-rounder styling option. Packed with versatility and different options, absolutely nothing beats stripes to create a visual focal point to a room or as an anchor to a home style theme. Use them to make some noise in a room, give the perception of height or width, unify a colour scheme or even create a soothing ambiance, our stripey friends can do it all!

Let’s take a tour of stripes through our display homes to explore the diverse styling options for you to add to your scrapbook (or Moodboard!)

1.   Easy does it…
If committing your heart and soul to a striped life seems a bit daunting, then dip your toe in the water by styling with cushions, throw blankets and floor rugs. If you can live with the soft furnishing stripe, then maybe you can expand to other more permanent areas of your home.

ResizedImage600337 Picture220

Matisse on display at Selandra Rise Clyde North

A rule of thumb with a striped throw is to keep it casually tossed as it can become high maintenance to keep the stripes in line if it is laid flat! Striped cushions can be paired with solid colours, florals or even other shaped patterns, they are a very versatile accessory!

ResizedImage600337 Picture221

Radison on display at Aston Estate, Craigieburn

Coloured stripes in a floor rug can be a great way to tie the colour palette of a room together, providing the perfect foundation for other highlight accessories in the room.

2.   Statement piece…
A striped feature item such as a rug, armchair, ottoman or even artwork can become a real impact piece in a room. Visually these pieces will create a magnet for your eye amongst a palette of neutral tones or solid colours.

ResizedImage600337 Picture223ResizedImage600337 Picture222

Statement striped floor rugs in the Sorrento on display at Mernda Villages, Mernda and in the Albany at Featherbrook Estate, Point Cook, define the spatial layout of these living areas with a classic style.

ResizedImage600337 Picture225ResizedImage600337 Picture224

A different take on the statement stripe is a pattern with varying widths which is a little more subtle to the eye while still having an impact. The ottoman in the Laguna on display at The Avenue Estate, Cranbourne North provides a colour anchor in a room of solid colours, and the striped dining chairs of Canterbury on display at Somerfield Estate, Keysborough are a perfect match for the glass central table.

ResizedImage600337 Picture226

The vertical stripes of the bed head in the Aspen at the Eucalypt Estate, Wollert, not only create a centrepiece but also a sense of height and grandeur, befitting of a luxurious master suite. Similarly, the wide bold stripes in the bedroom of the Matisse at Warralily Coast, Geelong, give the perception of extra height making this room seem even more spacious.

ResizedImage600337 Picture227

3.   Soothing tones…
Monochromatic stripes can create a subtle and even soothing effect to a room. The neutral tones of the striped wallpaper in the Sorrento at Mernda Villages, Mernda, enhances the architectural detail of the entertainment and study nooks, giving them an identity but without detracting from the rest of the room.

ResizedImage600337 Picture228

The muted stripes of the Arlington on display at Warralily Coast, Geelong, evoke a genuine beachy feel, cleverly breaking up the expanses of sandy tones to add visual interest, perfect for this coastal home.

ResizedImage600337 Picture230ResizedImage600337 Picture229

4.   Drama drama drama…
Okay, so enough of the softly, softly approach! Are you looking to make a statement and add some drama to a room? You can’t go past bold and wide stripes in strong contrast colours to really create a striking focal point. It’s a classic and elegant look that really can adapt to almost any interior theme and be paired with most furniture styles. Despite its boldness it can really pare back a room and give it a simplistic feel.

ResizedImage600337 Picture231

Bold stripes in the master retreat of the Laguna at The Avenue, Cranbourne North replace the need for a decorative bedhead, the entire wall becomes the feature, resulting in an elegant clean lined look.

ResizedImage600337 Picture232

A similar feature wall in the Canterbury at Somerfield Estate, Keysborough creates an entirely different look. Rather than a single focal point, the striking statement wallpaper partners with the large window for perfect balance.

5.   Textured lines
Moving away from stripes created from colour, think about a structural effect using textured elements such as timber or stone. The same rules apply, horizontal lines will create the perception of wide expanses, while vertical patterns elongate the room giving it a sense of height and grandeur.

ResizedImage600337 Picture233

Impact wall in the Carrington on display at Timbertop Estate, Officer.

ResizedImage600337 Picture234

A stunning vertical timber screen feature in the Winslow MK2 at Williams Landing Estate provides a practical privacy option while adding a design element and visual feature.

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