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Spring into Cleaning

by Carlisle Homes

We have well and truly welcomed spring this month, everyone has a bit more pep in their step as we look forward to longer hours of daylight and warm afternoons in the sun!

Along with a jazz up of your rooms with some fresh spring décor, it’s a good idea to do a thorough spring clean from top to toe. And we don’t mean wiping down the surfaces and sweeping the floors, we mean moving furniture and getting to those hidden dust piles!

Lucky for you we have a quick to-do list for you to make sure your home is sparkling and clean ready for the new season!

Clean out cupboards

Time for a fresh start, room by room remove all items from cupboards, wipe down shelves and put back re-folded and re-stacked items. No use putting back items that you haven’t used in the last six months, start a pile of ‘donations’, you will feel cleansed afterwards. Aim for a room per day so that the task doesn’t become overwhelming and get abandoned halfway through.

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Highview Living as displayed at Woodlea Estate, Aintree

De-clutter shelves

Take a step back and apply a critical eye to your display shelves and bookcases. Are you still nailing the look, or have you somehow ‘acquired’ a few extra items turning your theme from stylishly arranged to piles on top of piles? Start again. Wipe down shelves and rethink what look you are going for, less is often best, and you can’t beat a lovely display of fresh spring blooms to get into the spirit of the season.

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Highview Living as displayed at Woodlea Estate, Aintree

Freshen up floor rugs

Rug fibres can trap a multitude of dust particles, mites, sand and dirt which often aren’t removed with the quick weekly vacuum. Start by vacuuming your rugs and mats on both sides, starting with the reverse side. Use the specialised carpet/rug fitting for your vacuum to make sure the fibre piles are thoroughly cleaned. If you have the space, take your rugs outside when the sun is shining and hang over the clothesline, fence or on a clothes airer, to freshen them up and neutralise any trapped odours. Most rugs will have care instructions noted and you can look into taking them to a specialised rug cleaner for a dry clean if needing more attention.

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Highview Alfresco as displayed at Woodlea Estate, Aintree

Air out sofas and cushions

Remove all the cushions from your sofas and thoroughly vacuum over all surfaces. Some vac systems have a special upholstery attachment which is worth checking out. If the sofa has some stubborn stains, you may want to consider having someone coming in and doing a dry clean and re application of fabric protectors. Wash all loose covers of scatter cushions and hang the inners out on the clothesline to be re-vitalised by the spring breeze.

Dust off blinds

Using a soft microfiber duster brush over roller blinds to remove surface dust and cobwebs. Carefully wipe over brackets and chains to remove fingerprints. Venetian blinds and plantation shutters can be a bit fiddlier to clean, consider using a damp cloth to wipe over or simply use your hands with cotton cleaning gloves.

Lighten it up

Pendant lights, lamps and even light bulbs attract dust and insects. Using a microfiber cloth dust over all surfaces and you will probably find you have living with less than optimum lighting levels for a while! Don’t forget to spend time wiping off dirt and grime from all light and power switches. Baby wipes are a good option for these items, and a job even the kids could help with.

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Highview Kitchen as displayed at Woodlea Estate, Aintree

A good night’s sleep

Get to know your vacuum attachments as some even have special mattress tools/heads! If not, opt for the small tool and go over the top and sides to thoroughly remove all the dust particles. Bi-carb soda can give your mattress that fresh zing to help you sleep like a baby and jump out of bed in the morning! Now for the heavy lifting, you need to move your bed and completely vacuum underneath and re-assess items you have stored there.

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Highview Bedroom as displayed at Woodlea Estate, Aintree

Don’t forget the man cave

If your garage has become the dumping ground for the last few months, it is time for a big spring clean out of this space. You can start some new good habits for an organised life!

Go natural

Aside from minimising the amount of harsh chemicals we are introducing into our homes, there are some good wins in cost savings if you are prepared to go back to basics and make your own cleaning solutions from a few cheap simple ingredients.

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