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Six Steps To Choosing The Right Tiles For Your Home

by Carlisle Homes

Have you ever noticed the different ratings for tiles and wondered what they mean? The experts at Beaumont tiles are here to help.

A tiled floor can be a godsend in a busy home – it’s tough, easy to clean and guaranteed to look great for years. Plus, there are endless styles which makes it easy to choose a tile that adds interest and wow factor to your home.

You’ve read ‘5 Tile trends’, found your style and narrowed down your selections. Your next step is to check the technical qualities suit the desired application. We’ve asked expert Dean Booker, National Buyer at Beaumont Tiles, to explain the technical details to help you make your selection.

Carlisle Homes Choosing The Right Tiles1600 x 1160 4

Tiles provide an ideal flooring option for the open plan living spaces in the Sorrento Grand as they offer a tough, easy to clean flooring solution that is guaranteed to look great for years.

1. What’s a ‘tile rating’ and why is it important?

Tiles come in an amazing array of shapes, colours, designs and finishes to suit every taste, style and purpose. Tile ratings help you find the tile to suit your needs and fit the application in terms of durability, slip resistance and variation.

Your trusted Carlisle representative will help you throughout your selection journey, and ensure your choices are fit for purpose. But this guide will help you understand the lingo along the way.

2. What do the different ratings mean?

There are three key tile ratings you need to know about:

i. Slip rating: Some tiles are more textured than others, making them even safer in wet areas such as bathrooms and outdoors. Slip ratings allow you to see this at a glance. Put simply, the higher the number the lower the risk of slipping.

Slip ratings are based off the ‘Pendulum Test’, which measures the friction between a wet tile and a standard shoe, and ranges from P0 to P5. P0 and P1 feel luxuriously smooth underfoot, so they are perfect for living areas. P2 is a great all-rounder, easily catering to multiple areas. P3 rated tiles are suitable for undercover outdoor areas, or P4 and P5 beyond this.

Carlisle Homes Choosing The Right Tiles1600 x 1160 6

Sintra Grey structured textured makes for a beautiful undercover alfresco in Montague Grand.

If you have a ramp, you might also need to consider a ‘Oil-Wet Ramp Test’ to determine the degree of slip resistance for ramps. If you are planning a pool in your new home, you will also consider a ‘Barefoot Wet Ramp Test’ in conjunction with the ‘Pendulum Test’.

ii. Wear rating: This rating helps you figure out how well a tile will fare under different levels of foot traffic. It ranges from 1 to 5, with 1 being light duty (for residential bedrooms and ensuites) and 5 being extra-heavy duty (for public walkways, shopping centres and the like).

Tiles also come in a 0 wear rating, which means they can only be used on walls.

Carlisle Homes Choosing The Right Tiles1600 x 1160 2

Printed tiles offer a wide variety of colour, patina and pattern in the bathrooms at the Matisse.

iii. Variation rating: Advances in digital printing technology mean you can now get tiles with multiple colour tones and textures that give you the authentic look of natural materials, such as timber, brick and natural stone with the convenience of a tile.

Variation rating refers to how much variation there is between the individual tiles. It goes from V1, meaning tiles are uniform in appearance (think standard white 30x60cm wall tiles), through to V4, which indicates there will be considerable variation between tiles (such as with timber and brick-look tiles).

Essentially, the higher the variation rating, the more contrast you’ll get between tiles.

Carlisle Homes Choosing The Right Tiles1600 x 1160 5

Stylish concrete look tiles offer a contemporary palette to the ensuite in the Langholm.

3. Which tile rating should I choose if I want my tiles to look the same or very similar?

Opt for tiles with a variation rating of V0 or V1. Tiles with these ratings are mostly consistent across colour, tone and patterns. On-trend styles to consider include Beaumont Tiles’ Majorca Floral, Spatial White or Union ranges.

4. What if I want a bit of variety and texture?

Go for a tile with a variation rating of V2 or above. For a tile that mimics the real deal without the high cost we recommend terrazzo look tiles for use on your floor or walls. Terrazzo's infinite variety of patterns and textures retain a timeless appeal and will compliment most interior themes. Or, for randomised tones that create an artful and unique installation, consider Tribeca Old Red Brick range.

Carlisle Homes Choosing The Right Tiles1600 x 1160

The tiles in the Matera offer a high level of surface variation to mimic the natural appearance of terrazzo.

5. What’s trending in appearance ratings right now?

Tiles with a variation rating of V3 or above are popular in the design world right now. Especially subway and square wall tiles emulating centuries old craftsmanship and a handmade aesthetic. Zellige type wall tiles reference this style with tone on tone colour variation between the tiles. Beaumont tiles Atmosphere range beautifully capture this trend.

Carlisle Homes Choosing The Right Tiles1600 x 1160 3

Achieve the look of natural stone with one of Beaumont Tiles’ realistic tiles that offer a wide range of variation of surface pattern for a realistic stone look with the benefits of being easy to clean. Seen here at the Clarington Grand.

6. Expert tips for choosing the right tiles

  • Before making a decision on a particular tile, speak with Carlisle’s friendly Spectra staff and get all the details, including pendulum, variation and wear ratings to make sure it’s up to the job.
  • Picturing how tiles will look once they’re installed in a room can be tricky. Fortunately we have plenty of images in our Inspire Gallery to see a range of interiors featuring tiled flooring.
  • See tiles up close: Before you commit, it's wise to view tiles using our online Spectra Selection Centre or to get the full picture of the colours, tones and textures of the individual tiles and how they will look installed you can order a sample from Beaumont tiles.
  • Check out this Guide for more handy things to know about tiles.

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