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Scandiluxe: How to Create Contemporary Scandinavian Style

by Carlisle Homes

With its clean lines and focus on warm, natural materials, the Scandinavian look has taken Australia by storm over the last few years.

But trends evolve and this year sees hygge (the Scandi principle of simple cosiness) go next-level.

Meet Scandiluxe, a look that fuses classic Nordic simplicity with luxurious textures and elegant touches. It’s an aesthetic that’s both inviting and sophisticated – and one you’ll love coming home to.

Tempted to try it? Here are the seven key elements you’ll need to create the look.

1. Think beyond neutrals

Scandinavian style relies heavily on understated neutrals – cool greys, crisp whites and pale timbers. To elevate the look to contemporary Scandinavian, use these as your base and add in a supplementary colour drawn from nature, such as blush, warm nougat, terracotta or soft sage.


This sophisticated rosewater coloured velvet bedlinen adds softness and warmth to this Scandiluxe interior.

Use them as block colours on your bedding, sofa upholstery or kitchen joinery to add softness and an element of surprise to your interior. Then look to introduce touches of bold black in picture frames, steel furniture legs, shower screen frames and light fittings for a modern edge.


As seen in the Clovelly, natural tones are highlighted with black framing for picture frames and furniture and the introduction of warmer timber tones.

2. Up the comfort factor

Softness is a key ingredient in contemporary Scandinavian styling and makes your interior feel relaxing and cocooning. Seek out furniture that is durable and generous in its proportions and seating such as dining chairs, bar stools and office chairs upholstered in tactile, textured fabrics such as velvet, boucle and cord.


Fully upholstered bar stools at the Montague Grand add a sense of sophistication to this kitchen. You can also opt for a design similar to your dining chairs to create a seamless look.

Introduce one or two glam elements, such as a plush velvet armchair into a room that’s dominated by simple lines and pale timbers or an upholstered ottoman in place of a traditional coffee table.

Soften the vertical surfaces in a room and add depth by lining a wall with blonde timber or applying a muted, patterned wallpaper.


Keeping sofas and armchairs uncluttered and looking sleek is important for a Contemporary Scandi style. Opt for contrast in your finishes and materials rather than bold colours or patterns as illustrated at the Montague Grand.

And if budget permits, consider splashing out on a cosy fireplace that friends and family can gather around on those chilly, winter nights.

3. Luxe textures and materials

For next-level Scandi, think beyond timber. While the natural wonder is still likely to form the basis of your scheme in flooring, cabinetry and furniture, look around your home and you’ll find plenty of opportunities where you can up the glam factor with luxurious materials.


Light timber finishes are paired with terrazzo tiles to add an extra sense of luxury to the bathrooms at the Montague Grand

Embrace the terrazzo trend by adding it to your bathroom floors or walls or seek out a dining table with a terrazzo top or base. Introduce touches of striking marble to a kitchen through a benchtop or splashback, and add softness underfoot to the rooms in your home that are all about relaxation, such as the bedroom, living room and family, with felted wool carpet or cosy rugs.

Contrast is key; mix matte finishes with high-gloss touches in tiles and fixtures for a look that’s both layered and opulent.

4. Dark and dramatic touches

Whereas the classic Scandi look focuses on pale timbers, the latest, luxe version sees a layering of different tones. Pair beech flooring or furniture with one or two mid-tone and dark timber elements, such as a console table in mango wood or a feature wall in walnut, which takes your look from pure Scandi to one with hints of mid-century and industrial chic.


Scandiluxe interiors can incorporate deeper tones of timber which bring a sense of mid-century style to the predominantly light colour schemes as seen at the Montague Grand.

5. Maximise light

A connection with nature is crucial in Scandinavian design – and the Scandiluxe look is no different. Maximise views and let natural light stream in by keeping window furnishings to a minimum – think sheer linen curtains that create a soft, diffused light and pale, vertical blinds to patio doors that can be fully drawn back to create a generous opening onto a deck or balcony.


Full height curtains in translucent textiles allow soft filtered light to stream in while providing privacy. Combined with pale timber finishes and mirrors and spaces will feel lighter and brighter as seen at the Clovelly.

If natural light is in short supply in your home, position mirrors to bounce around what you’ve got and make your space feel lighter and brighter (as an added bonus, they will also make rooms appear larger).

Bold pendant lights above a kitchen island add drama and interest to your cooking space –choosing a style with diffuser will create a soft, welcoming glow that’s perfect for the hub of the home.

6. Smart storage

Clutter is a no-no in a look that’s all about calm and simplicity. Keep surfaces clear of mess by creating a place for everything with well-considered storage. Rather than an open vanity in the bathroom, select a style with storage to house shampoos, soaps and bathing paraphernalia; choose bedside tables with drawers to keep books and nighttime essentials; and ensure your living room remains a clutter-free zone with a built-in joinery wall where you can house the television and tuck magazines, kids’ toys and knick-knacks away.


The essential item in any Scandinavian interior is beech coloured timber such as Laminex ‘Aged Ash’ in Chalk finish. Bright and full of life this laminate brings warmth to the room while an undermount basin provides a clutter free storage for all those bathroom essentials. Seen here at the Montague Grand.

If built-in storage isn’t an option, seek out multi-tasking furniture such as storage sofas and ottomans where you can easily hide mess away.

7. Add artwork and greenery

In keeping with the luxe, Scandi aesthetic, opt for simple, abstract artwork or black and white photographs in bold, black frames. Add softness and boost the natural feel with indoor plants and displays of fresh flowers.


Sheer curtains provide an abundance of natural light, while lush green foliage and monochrome artwork lifts the interior at the Sheraton Grand Deluxe by Carlisle Homes.

Keen to see the contemporary Scandinavian look for yourself? You’ll see this exciting new trend and more at the Carlisle Homes display homes in Melbourne. To find out more or schedule a private booking, visit the Carlisle Homes website.

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